Your Website Title & Logo

You can change your website’s Title & Logo from your Customized section located at the top bar menu of your content editor.

Your logo will be visible from every page on your website. It should describe exactly what your website is about.

You can position your logo to the left, right or top of your website.

Option 1:  Upload a logo image that includes your website title in it.


Option 2: Upload a logo image, and type in your own website title.

Option 3: Customize your logo, and website title using the content editor. 


Where To Go To Add Your Logo & Title

When you log in to your Content Editor click on the top bar entitled Customize.


Changing Your Website Title & Logo

website editor logos 

How To Create Option 1 

  Upload Your Logo: You can upload a logo image here. 

Transparent Logo: Your logo image must be a transparent PNG or GIF so that your website's background image can be seen.

Logo Size: Ideally your website logo should be no higher than 1.5 inches high (125px height).

Make Your Own Logo: 
You can create your own logo using SnagIt. To see how click here.

Get A Logo Made For You:  You can get a professional logo designed for you at These guys create over 100 custom logos for you to pick and choose your favorite. Make sure you tell them your logo should be no larger than 800px by 125px.

How To Create Option 2 

Website Title:
Type in your own website title and it will go to the right of your logo.

We recommend your 'Title' be what your website is about.

3. Website Title Color: Set the color of your website  title by clicking in the box and selecting the color you want.


4. Logo Section Transparent: Your website background is already showing behind your logo.

If you uncheck this box, your background will be white.

You can change it to a different color by using 'Logo Section Background'.  


5.  Logo Section Background: If you want to show a color behind your logo, select the color here.

NOTE: The "Logo Section Transparent" box must be unchecked for the color to show.


How To Create Option 3

6. Customize Logo Section: You can upload your own images and add text here to show in your website's logo section.

Anything added here will override everything above.

logo text

7.  Save: Click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to  save your logo, then view your website by clicking the icon shown below to make sure your logo looks the way you want it to. This icon will appear at the top of your Customized color's page.


Tips For Your Website Logo

We recommend your Logo & Title take up no more than 1 to 2 inches of your top page.  Your home page can be considered expensive real estate and you want your visitors see and do the action you want them to do as soon as they land on your home page.  

Your visitors are not interested in your logo, they're interested in getting the information they came for.

Make this information dominant on your website and keep your website logo small.

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