The advantage of selling existing products is that you have an immediate product line, they will take payments, and send you a cheque.

There are some problems you can encounter by selling another companies products. They are:

1.   Tracking Issues: The company you want to sell their products for will give you a ‘code’ known as a ‘tracking link’ which will track clients that go from your website to the company’s website that buy.

Some companies make it difficult for you to track sales, especially if they don’t make their sales immediately visible to you. You should always test the tracking link by doing your own purchase to see if you were credited for it.

2.   Losing Control: Wheny ou go through the buying process of the company you want to represent, you will see if it is smooth or not. If the buying process is difficult, you have no means to make it better and may lose many of your potential sales.

3.   Quality Control: I also recommend that you buy the product you are promoting and to make sure its level of quality is good or you may find that your refunds are high and your client base is not happy.

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