Long Tailed Keywords Are KEY

'Long Tail Keywords' are a string of three or more words that make up a phrase.
The concept of long tail keywords is pretty simple. Tap into the large amounts of search traffic using longer keyword phrases rather than the traditional (one or two word) short tail keywords.

The long tail keywords define what the website is about and how the website wants to be indexed under search engines.

Search engine algorithms’ are getting more and more complex. When a website gets crawled by search engines, they are taking into account the keywords and phrases found in the indexable text of your website. 
Long tail keywords can assist a searcher in locating something very specific. For example, if a consumer is looking to purchase 'pink furry strawberry slippers', it makes more sense for a search engine to pull up a website specific to 'pink furry strawberry slippers' then to search through partial terms like 'furry slippers,' 'furry strawberries,' or 'strawberry slippers.'

Another big difference between short and long tail keyword phrases are the search results.
If you search the keyword 'counseling' in Google, you will receive 55,200,000 results. Then, if you look up the short tail keyword phrase 'counseling jobs' in Google, it returns 10,900,000 results. Finally, if you enter the long tail keyword phrase 'drug counseling jobs' in Google, it provides 323,000 results.

Although the long tail keyword phrases are searched less than the shorter keyword phrases, they target an exact market with much less competition for you to get your website displayed by the search engines.

Using long tail keywords to corner a smaller market has just as much potential, if not more, than using short tail keywords in a larger, more exposed market. Using long tail keywords will definitely give you the advantage over your competitors.

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