Here's An Outline To Give A Freelancer To Have An Article Written

freelancingThis is an example of the specifications you can give a freelancer to write your article.


We require professional writers to develop Short 500 to 600 word stories (“articles”), typically on the topic of ( “dog psychology”), so that we can provide quality, accurate and newsworthy information to our website visitors.

The content for each article will be provided by us in the form of a press release, YouTube video or product outline. As the writer,you will be contracted to extrapolate and develop the contents of the press release, YouTube video or product outline into a 100% original story (“article”).


1.  All articles MUST be completely your own original work. We are NOT looking to have the words and phrases of the press release, YouTube video or product outline simply re-arranged. What we are looking for is an original work in the form of a short 400 to 600 word article that is developed using the information provided. In other words, you should read the information in its entirety, make notes, and gather the important points, concepts, people’s names, referenced websites, and relevant keywords, and the write the article from scratch using your own words.

2.  All English writing-related articles MUST use correct grammar and be structured in a logical fashion and written with good English. If you are a non-native English speaker you are HIGHLY CAUTIONED against bidding if you are less than 100% certain that you can provide this level of quality.

In addition, because these articles are being written for the Internet, and we want them to rank at the various search engines, we have supplied keyword usage rules below that are to be followed by the writer.

Once completed, the articles will be submitted to us by you in two (2) simple steps as outlined below.

I will require the photo of each writer within one (1) or two (2) days of awarding the project. I will use the photo to create a thumbnail for you similar to the ones posted on other various ezine sites. I like to include the author’s photo because it really adds credibility to the article and helps to build trust with the reader.

A simple head shot photograph (in color) of you, taken with a digital camera is all that I require.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not comfortable supplying your photo, or cannot do it in a timely manner, please do NOT bid on this project.


Prior to commencement of work, a Work Order will be provided to the writer that will include a link to a press release, list of the primary keywords and any notes to the writer as outlined in this sample:


  1. Submit Articles Here: Stewie@WhoLetTheDogIn. com
  2. Press Release: http: //www. StewieTheDogWhisper/ModernDayDogPsychology. 2
  3. Notes: Submit any notes to the writer here.
  4. Primary Keyword: Modern Day Dog Psychology.

I would like the primary keyword to be used within the article as described in the following keyword usage rules:


PRIMARY KEYWORD: I would like each article to include the Primary Keyword (i. e. , Modern Day Dog Psychology) once in the headline,once in the first or second paragraph and once in the title tag. The exact Primary Keyword should not be used anywhere else on the page.


Topic-Related Keywords: Each Press Release, YouTube video and product description naturally includes a number of other Topic-Related keywords. Typically, these are the words that help to make up the article so finding them and using them should happen naturally!

Natural Writing: I do NOT want any attempt at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) made when you are writing the articles. Google has finally reached a level of sophistication with its algorithm that it now favors naturally written content. You are to write the articles as if you were writing for a standard printed newspaper, or a magazine style of article.

Keyword Proximity: During the normal course of writing the headline, you may add words between the keywords that make up the Primary Keyword to maintain ‘good grammar’. For example; if the Primary Keyword is “Modern Day Dog Psychology”, it could read “The Dawn Has Broken To The Modern Day And Finally The Relevance Of Dog Psychology”.


Please do NOT capitalize the first letter of each word that makes up the primary keywords, UNLESS proper grammar dictates that you do so, (i. e. a brand name).

Please do NOTsubmit the articles to us in one big batch at the end of the project, but rather as outlined in the Elance project description, which is to say; submit each article on its own merit as it is completed.

In most cases, we prefer the article(s) to be made up of shorter paragraphs, because they are just easier for our visitors to read, and appear to be less intimidating as far as length or volume.

In cases where we find that the article(s) were OBVIOUSLY not proofread, we will be sending the article back to the writer. We check EVERY article – no exceptions!


HEADLINE: The article must include a catchy headline that includes the Primary Keyword; (i. e. Modern Day Dog Psychology). No Exceptions!

The first letter of each of the words needs to be capitalized as outlined in the example above.

The headline needs to include the Primary Keyword and should be no longer than eight (8) words.

SUB-HEADLINES: The page should include one (1) sub-headline.

The first letter of each of the words needs to be capitalized (i. e. Modern Day Dog Psychology).

·BULLETED TEXT: The writer, at their discretion may use bulleted test,providing, it is started after the third paragraph so they do NOT interfere with any banner ads; should we decide to use any.


Article Description: Using the Primary Keyword (and/or variations thereof ),write a quality and accurate 20 to 25 word description for each article.

·The description is to be pasted into the article submission form in the field that is labeled ‘Meta Tag’, which is included on the form below, but not shown in the image


I would like a maximum of one article to be added to the site in any one given day. This will ensure that the articles are not added all at once and will stagger them for our visitors appropriately.

If you would prefer to upload multiple articles in one sitting for your convenience, please do NOT select the “published” link when submitting each article.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have created your article in Microsoft Word you MUST paste the article into a text editor FIRST (i. e. Microsoft Notepad) to remove the Microsoft Word coding.

WE DO CHECK!Our editorial process is very simple. We check each article for spelling, grammar and quality of writing. In addition, we do check keyword density and for plagiarism using special software designed by our internal programmers. Please ONLY submit articles that you would be happy to publish on your own site.

Example Article

Consumers Go Nuts for Apple’s iPhone 5

The new Apple iPhone 5 is the rage and everyone has to have one. It seems that the reason they have to get this new phone is because there is so much hype about it. people have been standing in long lines for weeks to get this phone especially since it has been advertised as twice as fast for half the price.

Apple has consistently created products that people love to use. We love this product because we didn't have to pay extra to upgrade the software to the iPhone 2. 0. That in itself is a plus.

What is fascinating about this phone is it is more than a phone, it is a phenomenon. A few years ago the iPhone was brand new and people were after it then in droves. Today, people want it even worse because there are so many new features that it pays for itself in a sense. In fact, a New York Times article said that there are actually 6 million people who are using the iPhone.

Best Upgraded Features;

The new iPhone 5 has several features that make it promising. First of all it actually lets you get onto the Internet faster than you could with the first iPhone. They actually appear in a few seconds. The other feature that is handy is you can multi-task using the phone. This means that you can talk to your friends while you are surfing the net. This is a feature that as you know was not available on the old iPhone!

Now the drawback with these two features is that you have to be in an AT&T 3G network area. This kind of puts a cramp on the features because you have really pay attention to where these are and you can find out on their map. This could be a bit inconvenient depending on where you are positioned. Of course AT&T is saying not to worry about it because they will be expanding - - hopefully that means this year.

Another nice feature is the fact that it has a GPS tracking system so you always have a way to find where you are going. It is a lot handier to be able to look this information up quickly. Some of the other features that are good are the fact that you can use it in more countries, it has improved audio and you get a longer battery life. It looks like they thought about all the complaints that they received from the iPhone and made corrections in this phone.

Common Grammar Mistakes

Here is a list of the ten common word usage mistakes with explanations and examples of their proper use:

1. There vs. Their vs. They’re:

  • There is an indication of location.
  • Example: I want to see that book over there.
  • Their is a possessive version of they.
  • Example: They took their dog to the groomer.
  • They’re is a contraction, short for they are.
  • Example: They’re going to the theater tonight.
2. A lot vs. Allot vs. A lot:
  • A lot is an indication of amount.
  • Example: I have a lot of laundry to do.
  • Allot means to distribute.
  • Example: I will allot you two cookies.
  • A lot is not a word.
3. I. e. vs. E. g. :
  • I. e. means "in other words. "
  • Example: Writing more articles increases your website traffic. I. e. , it will bring you more exposure.
  • E. g. means "for example. "
  • Example: I have a lot of chores to do. E. g. , laundry,dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc.
4. To vs. Too vs. Two:
  • To is a function word to indicate relative position.
  • Example: We took the dog to the vet.
  • Too can indicate excessiveness or in addition to.
  • Example: The chili was too spicy.
  • Example: I would like to go too.
  • Two is the number 2.
  • Example: I want two cookies.
5. Its vs. It’s:
  • Its is the possessive version of it.
  • Example: Its door came off the hinges.
  • It’s is a contraction, short for "it is. "
  • Example: It’s a beautiful day.
6. You’re vs. Your:
  • You’re is a contraction, short for "you are. "
  • Example: You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met.
  • Your describes the possessor as someone else.
  • Example: Your shirt is very wrinkled.
7. Loose vs. Lose:
  • Loose is an adjective, the opposite of tight or contained.
  • Example: I have loose change in my pocket.
  • Lose is a verb that means "to suffer the loss of. "
  • Example: I hope I don’t lose my car keys.
8. Choose vs. Chose:
  • Choose is a present tense verb meaning "to select. "
  • Example: I choose to eat healthy foods.
  • Chose is a past tense verb meaning "to select. "
  • Example: I chose to eat healthy foods.
9. Effect vs. Affect:
  • Effect is usually a noun meaning "result. "
  • Example: The effect of increased traffic to your website is directly related to the number of articles you produce for syndication.
  • Affect is usually a verb meaning "to influence. "
  • Example: I hope this training series will affect you in a positive way.
10. Know vs. No vs. Now:
  • Know is usually a verb meaning "to understand. "
  • Example: I know you are not coming to the movie.
  • No is a negative reply, refusal or disagreement.
  • Example: There is no problem with the car.
  • Now is usually an adverb meaning "at the present time or moment. "
  • Example: Now I can easily write and market my articles.

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