The Power Of The Written Word

The first sentence of your website should address what people came there to find out.
This is where you address the 'Main Keyword Phrase' you selected for your visitor traffic.
You have about 3 to 5 seconds to make clear to your visitors how to find what they are looking for and lead them to your revenue stream.

If your main keyword phrase was 'paint touch ups for cars' your front page intro may be:

Here's How To Do Paint Touch Ups To Your Car For FREE! Click On: Paint Touch Ups.
This gives your visitor an action and should lead them to a page that generates revenue for you. Here you can add:
1.  Pay Per Click Ads or Affiliate Links.

2.  Sending them to a referral company and be paid for the lead.

3.  Buying something.

You may also wish to have a form on your front page asking your visitor to tell you what they're looking for, which will:

1.  Tell you if your website is attracting the right type of visitor.

2.  Tell you if your sales path is clear.

3.  Allow you to capture the visitor's email address, to market back to them at a later date.

How To Write Content

Rather than trying to write a website page about the message you want to get out there in a single burst of inspiration, almost NEVER write the headline first.
Write out the BULLETS first… because good bullets fuse the point you ultimately want to make, and that gives you a deeper insight to what’s good about the thing and how it will affect your reader.
Write pages and pages of bullets. Most of them will never find their way into the final draft. Write them out sloppily, then go back and rewrite them. Toss some, bring in new ones, merge and split others.
When you feel ready, write the page title, or headline… because after all those bullets, you should be totally in tune to your message.
Try starting with 'how to' models to get the juices flowing. Start with a 'how to' type of headline, and just write out what you’re offering to the reader.
Put your work into the opening paragraph. It's the most crucial, because it's doing the hard work of dragging your reader into your copy, or the final “here’s what you need to do now” part of the pitch.

The point is this. Early drafts are a mishmash of sections, in various states of being finished, over a period of time… and to the uninitiated eye, the whole thing looks like a house torn apart before being remodeled. Total chaos.

The 'art' of creating copy is in the final stages where everything is dovetailed together. And rewritten to be a smooth, greased ride for the reader, who, when you’ve done it right, will climb on board at the headline and not be able to leave the page until he arrives, breathless and shaking with desire, to complete your opt-in or referral form.

Just get over your bad self. No one who writes starts with a page title or headline and just writes it all down from there, perfect and ready to go. The pro’s don’t do it that way, you shouldn’t have to either.

The finished product may approach a sort of awesomeness, but it’s almost never “perfect”. The key to writing is understanding how some parts are cobbled together, while other parts are burnished to a craftsman’s shine over time.
Just get busy immediately and never hesitated to upload your website pages. One poorly written page of copy trumps no pages every time! 

Where To Find Content

content and use are keyGoogle Alerts:  Google Alerts email you information based on keywords you choose, that you want alerts from.
For example, you may enter in your name as an alert. Anytime your name is used online, Google will send you an email which will link to the copy where it appears.
Google Alerts help you stay on top of news, when you set up alerts based on the keywords you're focusing on. When your Google Alerts are emailed to you, you can scan them, and save them for when you need them. Here's how it works, click here.
RSS Feeds:  Many website pages allow you to subscribe to their updates through RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds is a small orange icon. When you subscribe, updates to that website page are automatically sent to your desktop.
In fact, your Income Activator sub pages all have RSS Feeds.

To see what an RSS Feed looks like, click here.
You may wish to find a few leaders in your niche and sign up to their RSS Feeds. You can also monitor news, and blogs this way.
RSS Feeds also allow you to monitor your competitors. Every time they make an update to their pages, you will be notified and you can respond accordingly.  
Press Releases:  Sign up for receiving Press Releases in your own industry. You can do that through companies like Morningstar.

  How To Optimize Your Page

Your website will be more likely displayed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo when you create website pages on the topics people are searching for online.

Use 'keywords' people are searching for in your Menu Titles, Page Titles, SEO Titles and Content.

It's important your website speaks to both your visitors and the search engines.

Here's how to
 Optimize Your Website Pages.      
The Google Keyword Tool helps you find what keywords are being used to search for online content.  
This video shows how to optimize your website pages to get visitors from online searches to your website.


What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

This video is an amazing example of NLP.

With respect to your website, it's where you accept that your visitors have already made the decision to do what you're recommending and you're now leading them deeper into your sales path. 
There are keywords that speak to a different level of the brain; such as the word “imagine.”

You want to have this section of the brain engaged when you write your page content.
How Mental Imagery Works
Imagine a beautiful smooth yellow lemon. Smell the citrus fragrance as you slice into it firmly and feel the acid juice on your fingers. Now take a big bite of that tart lemon.
Does it trigger facial muscle movements and saliva gland activity?
When we imagine doing something there are corresponding physiological responses. Muscles make tiny movements. Our nervous system responds as if we were actually doing it, triggering hormones and glands.
You want to include mental imagery in your writing.

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