Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words 

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Your website pages are more interesting with pictures.

More importantly, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give priority to pages with pictures over pages just containing text.
Adding A Picture:  Here's how you add a picture to your website, click here

  Here's a little more on how to have your pictures found by the search engines, click here

Photo Albums:  You can also set up 
Photo Albums on your Income Activator website. As a revenue generating option you can add affiliate links that pay you. 
To see how to create a photo album, click here.

Check Out These Websites To Find Free Photos 

Free Photos
Here's some great sites to get free images, make sure you're allowed to use an image before putting it on your website.


Stock Exchange

Turbo Photo 

How To Get Traffic From Your Pictures

increase traffic
Google Image Search is another way for visitors to find your website.

You can use pictures you find online, however, using your own pictures will get you more exposure as Google does not show duplicate pictures in their search results.     

When you add a picture to your website, it can be found on Google's Image Search. When a person clicks on your picture, your website is displayed to the searcher behind the picture.

Search engines can not 'see' your pictures to know how to index them so that they can be displayed for online searches.

They can only tell what your pictures are about if you describe them to the search engines in written text. You can do that at the time you're uploading your picture onto your website in the Alternative Text box. To see how this is done, click here.

It's recommended you add as many pictures to a page as possible without making your page look odd. 

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