How To Add A YouTube Video On Your Website Page In Under 5 Minutes

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How to add a YouTube Video

These screen shots below show you how to embed a Video from YouTube onto one of your Website Pages.
Once you've found the video you want to embed on your website from YouTube, click on the 'Share' button.
 Next, Click on the 'Embed' button. 
If you do not want to show other videos at the end of the video you're adding un-check the box below the embedded code that says 'Show suggested videos when the video finishes'.
1. Click on the link to the page you want to add the Video to.
2. Position your mouse cursor where you want to place your video.
3. You have to add a box to position your video to the right, left, or centre of your text, to do that click the 'Insert Templates' button shown below.
4. You are given options where you can place your video box; Centre, Left, or Right, check the box to the left of one of these options.
5. Click the 'Insert' button and you will see the box appear in your Content Editor.
1. Position your mouse cursor and click inside of the video box you just added.
2. Click on the 'Embed A YouTube Video' button shown and a window will popup.
3. To paste the YouTube Video Code, Right Click inside of the window, then click Paste.
4. Click the 'Insert Button' and your Video will appear in your Page. 
1. Click the 'Save & Exit' button.
2. To view your Page and Video, click the 'View' link to the right of the Page Title.
You have now successfully added a Video to your Website Page!

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