Pay Per Click Referrals Video & Screen Shots

To Begin Your Income Activator Pay Per Click Program, login to your editor, click on the top bar entitled Referrals, and from the menu click on Pay Per Click Programs.

Here's a 12 minute video to show you how to create a Pay Per Click Referral program.

It's recommended that you look at the screen shots below.

They show you the steps of creating your own PPC link while giving you more detailed information and tips.

 Your Pay Per Click Program

A Pay Per Click program is when you're paid by an advertiser when a visitor from your website 'clicks' on an ad and is directed to the advertiser's website.

The Pay Per Click link that is generated through your Income Activator website program can be used to track clicks on your website, in email messages, and even on other websites and blogs.

You have the option of sending the advertiser an email notifying them that a visitor 'clicked' to get to their website. The advertiser can also view their clicks by logging into your website.

You can have multiple companies in the same Pay Per Click program using the same Pay Per Click link, when this is the case the visitors will be sent on a rotating basis to your referral companies. You also have the option of assigning one Pay Per Click link to one advertiser.


Pay Per Click Example

In the example below, the red arrow is pointing to a Pay Per Click lead, that looks like a Google AdSense Pay Per Click Lead.
This is an Income Activator (IA) Pay Per Click link which you create through this program, which you can set up to rotate between a several advertisers or to just one advertiser.
The 3 links at the top are Google AdSense ads. Running both programs at once can allow you to slowly move into your own PPC program as you see your revenue out grow your AdSense program.

1. Pay Per Click Link Your IA Pay Per Click link can be used to link any text or image on your website.


Payment For The Referral

Once the visitor is sent to the advertiser's website, it becomes a billable referral.
In this example, the Online University is paying $60 per click
(As shown on Google's Keyword Tool) when a visitor clicks to go to their website.

Your referral companies should only be billed for real clicks,
make sure you review your clicks and remove any repeat or test clicks.
This is explained below in the section entitled Reviewing Referral Revenue By Company.

How To Register Referral Companies

Registering Companies Manually
You can register referral companies yourself.
This is explained below in Step 1: Setting Up Your Advertiser.

Companies Registering On Your Website
You can place registration forms on your website pages for referral companies to register for your referral programs.
Registration forms can be put on any page. To see how to do this, click here.

 Email Notifications

Referral Company Email Notification
You have the option of sending the advertiser an email letting them know they received a click. To view an example, click here.
This makes billing at the end of the month less of a surprise to your advertiser when they are always notified of the visitor they're getting from your website.
Your Email Notification
You automatically receive an email notifying you of the click. To view an example, click here.
If you do not want to be notified by email, simply click on the top bar entitled 'Your Account', then click on 'Account Settings'.
Scroll down to the section entitled Email Notifications, and check the box that says 'Check this box if you do NOT want to be notified of Visitor Referrals.'

Setting Up Your Pay Per Click Program

There are 3 steps to setting up your Pay Per Click Referral Program.
1. Set Up Your Advertiser
Enter in the advertiser(s), known as your Referral Company, who will be paying you to receive visitors.

2. Create Your Pay Per Click Program
Give your PPC program a Name and set your Pay Per Click Rate.
3. Connect Your PPC Tracking Link To Your Advertiser
Enter the Advertiser's website page they want visitors to be sent to when your PPC link is clicked on.
This track clicks and records payment.

Once your Pay Per Click Link is created you can copy it into your website pages, email messages or on other websites and blogs.

Set Up Your Advertisers (Referral Company)

To register a Referral Company, click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the menu click on 'Referral Companies'.

You also have the option of setting up a Referral Registration page on your website. When an advertiser registers, you will be sent an email and their Company Name will appear to the right of the 'Referral Companies' page.

To view how to set up a Referral Registration Form on your website, click here.

1. Pay Per Click Program Previously Set Up If you created your Pay Per Click Program first it will show up in this section. To add your advertiser to your program, check the box beside the Program Title.

2. Setting Up Your Advertiser Enter the company information here, such as their address and website.

3. Login Information Enter the Login Email and Login Password that this company will use to login to the referral section of your website.

How to set up your Advertiser's Login: You can also set up a login for your referral companies to view their referrals. To do this simply click on the top bar entitled Your Account, from the menu click on Account Settings. Then scroll down to the section entitled Additional Website Features and click on the box that says Show Referral Login. The login link will then be visible on the bottom bar of your website. To see how a company logs into your website, click here.
4. Main Contact Enter the contact information of your main contact at the company. This is for your own reference.
5. Referral Contact  Enter the contact information of the person handling the PPC referrals. To view the email sent to your PPC referral company, click here.
Note: The email you enter in this section will receive the email notifications of the clicks, as shown below. If you leave the email field blank, no email will be sent out to the advertiser.

Warning: When testing referral links and leads, remove your advertiser's email address from here or they will receive your test emails.

Inset Button Then click the 'Insert' button. You will see your advertiser's company name appear to the right of the screen under the title Unassigned Referral Companies.
Now you need to create your Pay Per Click Program.

Note: If you already created your Pay Per Click Program, and assigned your Advertiser to it by clicking in the box at the top of this page (Refer to Point 1) you will be automatically be sent to the Pay Per Click Program to customize your advertiser's settings.

Creating Your Pay Per Click Program

You now need to create your Pay Per Click Program which determines what you are going to charge your Referral Companies per click.
To do that go to the top bar entitled 'Referrals', click on 'Pay Per Click Programs'.
1. Program Title Give your Pay Per Click Program a Title. This will be for your own reference.
2. Status The Status says that your Pay Per Click Program is Active, however you can set it to Pause. When a program is paused, visitors will be sent to your No Referral Found page. An example of when to use this is if
3. Referral Rate Here is where you enter in the amount you will be charging per click to the advertiser.  
4. Program Description The Program Description is for your own reference and used to enter any notes about your program.
5. Link Keywords Here is where you create your PPC tracking link that visitors will click to be sent to your referral company's website.

To optimize this link for search engines enter in 1-3 keywords that describe this Pay Per Click Program.

For example: "low insurance rates", "fast mortgages", "New York law firms", "pet food deals", "cruises"

When you enter your keywords, you will instantly see your Pay Per Click Link appear below. Your Pay Per Click link is created by combining your domain name with your link keywords.

6. No Referral Found - Visitors are sent to your No Referral Found Page if the program is paused, the company pauses themselves, or if the 'Daily Referral Cap' is hit.

No Referral Found - Default Page If you don't have an advertiser to send the visitor to who clicks your PPC link, you can send them to a Default page saying  'Sorry we couldn't help you at this time.'
No Referral Found - Redirect You also have the option of sending the visitor to another website or a page on your website if you don't have an advertiser to send them to. To do that simply enter in the website's page address known as a URL into the box, which you will see when you click on the Radio button.
No Referral Found - Custom Page Finally you have the option of creating a Custom Page on your website to send the visitor to if you do not an advertiser to send them to. This page
7. Referral Companies If you have Referral Companies registered, they will show up here. Check the box to add them to this Pay Per Click program.
A program with a single company will always send referrals to that company.
A program with multiple companies will rotate between them.
8. Insert Button Then click 'Insert' and you will automatically be taken back to your Referral Company to enter the website address that visitors will be sent to, for your company.
In the case where you have multiple Referral Companies listed and you attached more than one company to this Pay Per Click program at once, then click the insert button, you will remain on this page. You will also see your Pay Per Click program to the right of your screen.
You then need to setup these referral company's settings, to do that click on the top bar entitled 'Referrals', then from the dropdown menu click on 'Referral Companies'. Then on the right you will see your Referral Companies listed. Click on the Referral Company you want to setup the settings for, then click on the white tab entitled 'Pay Per Click Referral Settings'.

Referral Settings & Landing Page

Your Referral Companies (advertisers) will always be listed to the right of the page.
1. Pay Per Click Program Settings  This is where you enter the Advertiser's website page they want visitors to be sent to when your PPC link is clicked on.
This track clicks and records payment.
2. Referral Company Website Address  Enter the website address that this referral company wants their Pay-Per-Click link to go to. This could be the referral company's website, or a page on your website with the company's contact information.

Recommendation Embedding The Referral Company Website Into Your Website  If you want to embed the referral company's website into your website so that your visitor isn't kicked off your website, to see how to do it, click here.

3. Administrator Status  You can pause this company in this program by selecting 'Paused'. This means that the company will not receive any referrals.
4. Referral Company Status  The company can log in and pause themselves, when they do you'll see 'Paused' selected here and 'Company Paused' in the company table to the right. This means that the company will not receive any referrals. When a company pauses themselves, you'll be sent an email advising you that they have stopped accepting referrals.
5.  Program Rate  This simply shows you the rate you set up when you created the program.
6.  Custom Company Rate  You can override the rate that you have assigned to this program so that this company can be given a custom rate. Enter either a higher or lower rate in this box that just this company will be billed for.

7. Daily Referral Cap  By default this company will get an unlimited number of referrals per day. To limit how many Referrals to send this Company in a day, click on the radio button 'Referral Cap', then enter the number of referrals to be sent to this company in a day. It will automatically reset itself at midnight for the next day of referrals to be sent.
8.  Priority  You can send this company a set amount of referrals in a day before other companies. This is only used in a program that rotates between multiple companies. Enter in how many referrals you want this company to receive before your other referral companies. It will automatically reset itself at midnight for this referral priority to begin again.

9. Update  Click on the 'Update' button. Your PPC link is now ready to be used to link text and images on your website.

Pay Per Click Link  Your Pay Per Click link will appear in the table above and it's ready to be copied into either text of pictures which will track your links and create your invoices.
Note: As you add more advertisers, you can connect these advertisers to the Referral programs you have already created. To see how, click here.
If you attach more than one PPC advertiser to one PPC Program, the advertisers will rotate with each visitor click.
If you want one link to be connected just to one advertiser, you'll need to create one PPC Program per advertiser.
11. Company & Programs  Here is where you can see the status of your advertisers participation in your referral programs. You can see which referral program(s) they are participating in.
If you have not connected your PPC Tracking Link to your Advertiser (by entering in the advertiser's website page visitors are to be sent to)
it will show up in red text as Missing

Linking Text & Images With Your Pay Per Click Link

Now that you have your Pay Per Click link copied, you need to use it to link text and/or images on your website.
1. PPC Link Placements  You can use your Pay Per Click links in email messages, as well as on other websites and Blogs.
2. Google Link Display Styling You can also display your links the way Google displays their links on websites.
This is when your ads are seen above your Page Title, at the bottom or to the right of your page content.
To see how to do this, click here.
3. Creative Linking You can create your links to have whatever kind of copy or pictures you what.
These links can be very effective when using them as 'Resource' links. Below describes how to link your text and images. 

 Editing Your Page  Go to your page directory and click on the page title that you want to edit.

2. Selecting Your Text  Select the text or images that you want to link. Remember to link keyword phrases instead of text that says 'click here'.

3. Linking Click on the 'Insert Hyperlink' icon shown below to open up the link window.

Linking Text & Images With Your Pay Per Click Link

1. Enter Your Pay Per Click Link Paste your Pay Per Click Link into the 'Url:' field.

Note: Your PPC link that you are entering will always be

Always confirm that you are you entering a PPC link and not the company's website.

2. New Window  From the 'Target' dropdown select 'New Window' to open up your link in a new browser window so visitors are not sent off your website.

3. Click on the 'Ok' button and your text will be linked.

It will appear as blue and underlined.

When you're done with linking, click on the 'Save' button save your page. Remember to test your PPC Link!

Testing: When testing your pay per click link, remove your advertiser's email address from here or they will receive your test emails.

Revenue By Company

The 'Revenue By Company' page allows you to review Pay Per Click referrals and revenue.
1. Referral Company Click on the Referral Company.

2. Lost Pay Per Click Referrals Click on Program Title to view lost revenue for that program.

Reviewing Referral Revenue By Company

When you click on a company link, it will show you:
1. Date Range Select a date range to view referrals and revenue, then click on 'View'. To show all referral revenue click on the link 'Show All Referral Revenue'.

 Print Invoice  Select a date range above, click on 'View', then click on the 'Print Invoice' link to view your invoice. To the right you'll see the Date Range Total and the Balance owed to you.

 Referral Link Address  This is the keyword phrase for your Pay Per Click program.

4. Pay Per Click Referrals  This shows you the referral rate and in the table below you can see your clicks and revenue.

 Totals  These are the subtotal, taxes, and total revenue for this Pay Per Click Program.

Reviewing Referral Revenue By Date

To view your revenue by date, click on the top bar 'Referrals' then from the dropdown menu click on 'Revenue By Date', it will show you:
1. Revenue Summary It will list all of your referral programs; Pay Per Click, Lead, Directory and the total revenues earned.
2. View Revenue  You can also select a date range to view revenue, then click on 'View'. To show all referral revenue click on the link 'Show All Referral Revenue'.
3. Revenue By Day By clicking on this link you will see your revenue details for that day.

Recording Referral Payments

To manage and record referral payments, go to the 'Referrals' tab in the menu bar and select 'Referral Payments'.
1. Payments Owed To You  These are the payments owed to you by your referral companies. To generate an invoice to send your company, go to the top menu 'Referrals' and from the dropdown click on 'Referral By Company'. Click on the company on the right, then select a date range, then click on 'Print Invoice'.
2. Payment Amount  Enter the amount of the payment received in this box.

3. Reference Number/Note Enter the form of payment, any reference numbers, or notes here.

4. Record Payment  Click the 'Record Payment' link and balance owed will be reduced by the amount you entered. It will then show up below in the 'Payments Made To You' table below.

5. Payments Made To You  These are the payments you've received and recorded.

6. Edit Payment The 'Edit' link will allow you to add a reference number or change the amount. 

7. Delete Payment  The 'Delete' link will delete this payment. You may use this for a bounced check.

If any of your test referrals show up here and you want to delete them, go to the Revenue By Company, click on the company name, then delete the test referrals.  

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