Attach A Form or Album To A Page

You can attach your Form to a page while you are Creating the Form.
You can also attach a Form to a page, or multiple pages in the Edit A Form section.
You can also attach your Form by clicking on the Page Title as shown below.
1. Click on Page Title you want to attach your Form to.

Use the Attach Forms / Albums Tab

1. Click the 'Attach Forms / Albums' tab.

2. From the 'Attach A Form' dropdown menu, select which Form you want to attach to this page. 

3. Then click the 'Attach Form' button.

View the Page With The Form

1. The Forms or Albums you just attached will show up in this table.

You can attach multiple forms or albums to the same page. The 'Display Order' is the order you want the forms or albums to be shown on your website page.

You can select the 'Placement' of your form or album to be put at either the Top or Bottom of your page content.

2. Click on 'Save' to save your changes.

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