Creating Affiliate Commission Rates

You can have multiple affiliates and multiple commission rates.

When an order made through your affiliate's link, they will receive this commission rate.

You can give an affiliate a percent of an order total, or a exact amount.
After you think of and add a commission rate, you can assign affiliates to it.

Go to Your Store > Affiliate Commissions.
1. Put in a title for your Commission. Only you see this, and it is used to identify this commission rate.
2. Enter in a rate, and select weather its a percent of the order total, or an exact dollar amount.
3. Click the 'Insert' button.

Creating Affiliate Commission Rates

Once you've created a commission rate, it will appear on the right. If you edit the rate, it will effect all affiliates that are connected to this commission.
1. Click on the 'Title' to edit the commission title, or rate. Remember it will effect all affiliates that are connected to this commission.

Creating Affiliate Commission Rates

If you want to show an 'Affiliate Login' link on the bottom bar of your website, click here to learn how.
You can manually enter affiliates, or they can login using the 'Affiliate Registration Form', which you can place on any of your pages.

This screenshot below will show you how to manually add affiliates.
Go to Your Store > Affiliates.
1. Fill out this form with the affiliate's information.
2. From this dropdown, select an affiliate commission that you have created to connect to this affiliate.
3. Click the 'Insert' button.

How To UpLoad An Amazon Affiliate Link

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