Creating Revenue From Click Ads

Google allows you to put their ads on your website. When a visitor from your website clicks on an ad, Google pays you a percentage of what they're paid by the advertiser.

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Google AdSense Tips

If you want to use AdSense to monetize your website or blog, there are a couple tips you should keep in mind:
  • Make sure you have some decent content on your site before you apply. If you are using a blog – then I like to aim at 7-10 posts before I even apply. Just ends up being quicker, rather than having your site denied.

  • If you do get denied, adjust your site accordingly and reapply with another Google account.

  • Once you are approved for one site you can use AdSense on any site you also own. remember though the terms of service still apply.

  • Learn the terms of service and don’t break any of the rules – you will be caught and you will be shut down.

  • Never click your own ads, or get friends/family too. They will know.

  • Feel free to use non-contextual ads alongside AdSense – you can use both affiliate offers and AdSense with no problem.

  • You can have 3 different page blocks per page.

  • Make sure your ads fit on your site. Don’t have ads that stick out of the sidebar and appear cut off.

  • You have to create new ads on the Google AdSense page to change the size.

  • Blend your links into the site. Choose your own custom colors for ads. Match them with your website color scheme.

  • Add lots of content to your site – more content that people can find and share – which leads to ad views/clicks.

  • Don’t add images with arrows etc… pointing at your ads.

  • Adding AdSense search to your site is a good way to increase your ad revenue. WordPress has a number of plugins that can help with that.

  • Don’t have any illegal stuff on your website – porn, illegal downloads, drug or etc…

 Be Careful

Resist the temptation of clicking on your own ads. 
After a couple of clicks, Google recording clicks and paying you, and they may even close your account!

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