Embedding Your Form Anywhere On A Page

This page will show you how to embed your information or referral form anywhere on your page.

You can get the code to do this while creating or editing your form.

You can embed a form on any number of pages.

1. Embed Your Form On Your Own Website  Copy all of the code in this box. In the brackets is your form's ID number which you can use to identify this form.

Embedding Your Form Anywhere On A Page

Now go to your directory of pages and edit or create the page you want to embed the form on.

1. Paste Form Code  Place your mouse cursor where you want to be placed and paste the code you copied. Confirm that the code has the brackets included.

2. Save  Save your page.

When you view your page, your form will appear.

Embedding Your Form Anywhere On A Page

1. Your form is now on your page and ready to be used.

Make sure you test your form to confirm that your thank you page and notification emails are working correctly.

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