How To Download A Picture From Google Images

You can Download Pictures from Google and add them to any of your Income Activator Website Pages.

Note: When downloading a picture, make sure it is not copywriten or owned by someone else.
If an image has a watermark over it, don't use it.

1. Search For Image First, go to in what kind of Picture you're looking for and click the Search button.

2. Click Image Mouse-over the Picture you want to download.

3. More Sizes Click 'More Sizes' to show all sizes of this Picture that Google has found.


Select Image Size

1. You should always use the best quality picture you can, click on it.

 Select Full Size Image

1. Save Image Right click on the 'Full Size Image' link in the top right.

A popup will appear. Select a place on your computer to save the image.

Now you're ready to insert the image into a web page, to see how to do this, click here.

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