How To Add A Picture To A Page From Your Computer

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Turbo Photo - Free icons to use on your website.

How To Add A Picture Guide

These screenshots show you how to add a picture to the right of your website page.

Open Your Web Page

1. Click the Page Title of the Page you want to add the Picture to.

 Click on Insert Image

1. Position your mouse cursor and click at the beginning of the paragraph to align it either left or right of your text.
If you are not aligning it with your text, position your mouse cursor where you want your image to go.

2. Click the 'Insert Image' button shown below.

Click on Upload

1. This 'Insert Image' window will pop up. Click the 'Upload' button.

Select A Picture From Your Computer

1. Locate the Picture on your computer and click on it.
2. Click the 'Open' button.

Upload Your Picture

1. Wait for your Picture to Upload, when it's done this Window will pop up. Click 'OK'.

Enter In Your Picture Settings

1. Enter in your 'Alternative Text' for the Picture, this text should describe what's in your Picture. Click here to see how to do this effectively.
2. To have text wrap around your Picture you need to select whether the picture should appear on the left or right of the text. Select Left or Right from the 'Alignment:' dropdown menu.
3. To add a border, add the size here, anything over '2' usually looks unprofessional.
4. Insert '10' into the Horizontal and Vertical spacing; this provides a gap between your Picture and your Text so they aren't directly touching.
5. Click the 'Insert' button.
Note: You can change these settings at any time by simply right-clicking on your Picture while in your Content Editor and clicking 'Properties'.


Save & Exit

1. Save your work by clicking 'Save & Exit'
2. View your Page with your Picture by clicking on the 'View' Link.

Making The Picture Larger or Smaller

After viewing your page with the picture on it, you may want to adjust the size of your picture.
1. To re-size your Picture, click on it.  
2. Click on one of the tiny white squares that appears around the image and drag it to your desired size.
Don't worry about squishing it, the Picture will keep its proportions and reset itself.

Wrapping Text Around Image & Boarder

Text Wrapping
1. Double right click with your mouse on the image. This IMG box should pop up.  
2. Click the down arrow from the Alignment box. 
Select which side you want the text to wrap around, then click the OK button.


Here's how to set the boarder so your text is not touching the image.

3. Click on Style Builder.
4. Click on the Boarder tab.
5. Click the down arrow from the Boarders box.
Select which side you want the text, not be touching the side of the picture (10 px is recommended) then click the OK button.

text wrap and boarder 

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