How To SEO Your Pictures

Google changes it's pages constantly, the process is similar, it just might look a bit different when you're searching for images. 

Here's how and why you can get free visitor traffic to your website from your pictures.

1. A person searches online for a keyword or keywords (i.e. dogs) 
2. They click on the 'Image' link which displays pictures that have been described to the search engine
through the picture's 'Alternative Text' box (see below).
3. When the person clicks on the picture, the picture's website is displayed behind the picture along
with the website's domain name to the right of the picture.
The person doing the search can then continue on to viewing the website where the picture came from.
This is why it's a good idea to always use relevant pictures on your website, so that you get relevant visitor traffic. 

Tips For Writing Good Alternative Text

Here's how to add Alternative Text to SEO your pictures to capture free traffic from online searches.
1. Be Brief- Some browsers will actually break if the alternative text is too long. While it might seem nice to describe exactly what is in the image, that's not the purpose of the 'alt tag'. Instead, it should be filled with exactly the words needed to put the image in context and no more.

2. Be Clear - Don't confuse the context by being too brief. Remember, some people will ONLY see the text in your alt tags, so if it's too brief they might not understand what you're trying to show them.
For example: a tree - good; a sycamore tree - better; a 10-foot tall sycamore tree with mostly brown leaves and possibly something wrong with its bark - too much.

3. Be Contextual - Don't describe the image if it's meant to be viewed in context. For example: If you've have a company logo image, you should write "Company Name" and not "Company Name Logo".

4. Be Search Engine Conscious - If you have good, concise, clear 'alt text' it can help your search engine rankings as the images on your page promote and enhance your keywords.

5. Don't add words that don't belong -
Don't try to fool the search engines by adding words that do not belong with your picture. This can backfire if the search engine decides you are trying to fake your results and it may remove your website from the search results completely.

How To Insert An Image & Add Alternative Text

Click on the 'Insert Image' icon when you are creating a new Page or editing an exiting Page.

Select Upload 

Next Click on the 'Upload' button.

Select An Image From Your Computer

Locate the image on your Computer, then Select it.

If you want to rename the image, you can Right Click on the image and select Rename image. You can use up to four keywords separated by dashes or spaces to describe your image.

Click the 'Open' button. 

Upload Your Picture

Click the 'OK' button on the window that pops up.

Fill In Alternative Text

Fill in the 'Alternative text' field with an image description that follows the guidelines at the top of this page.

Click the 'Insert' button. Your SEO Image will now be on your page.

Add 'Alternative Text' To An Existing Picture

Click on your Page in the Page Directory on the right to Edit it.

Find your Image, then Right Click on it.

Click 'Properties'.

Fill In Alternative Text

Fill in the 'Alternative text:' field with an image description that follows the guidelines at the top of this page.

Click the 'OK' button, your image is now optimized.

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