Member Registration

Income Activator allows you to create a secured Members Area, or set of Password Protected Pages on your Website.
Visitors have to register and login with an Email and Password before they can access or view these Pages.

There are 2 types of Members restrictions; you can Approve each Visitor before they gain access, or you can allow everyone who registers instant access.

The screenshot below shows you what a Password Protected Page looks like.

1. Your visitor is given this message alerting them that they must Login before they can access the Page.

2. Your visitor has 2 options; Register for a new account on your website, or login with an existing account.
When they click Register, they will go to the next step.

How Visitors Register To Become Members To Access Your Password Protected Pages

This is the Member Registration page.

1. The Visitor is asked to enter their First Name.

2. The Visitor  is asked to enter their Last Name.

3. The Visitor  is asked to enter their Email which they will use to log in with.

4. The Visitor is asked to create a Password, and Confirm Password to verify they don't make a typo.

5. When the Visitor clicks the Registration button, you will receive an Email, and their information will show up on the Members Page on your Income Activator Content Manager.

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