Activating Member So They Can Login To Your Members Section

Click on 'Members' on the top menu bar. Next, under the 'Member Edit & Data Section' on the right, click on a member ID whose status is new.

For them to be allowed into your Members section, you have to set their Status to Active.

1. Select 'Active' from the Status drop down menu.

2. Click 'Update'. You will see the Status in the Member Edit & Data Section to the right change from 'New' to 'Active'.

Manually Inserting Members

1. From this form here, you can manually add Members to your Members section by filling out this form with their First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Status.

2. Click 'Insert' to add them.
3. To Edit a Member's information or change their Status, click on their ID number at the right.

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