How Your  Visitors Log In To Your Members Section

Now that you have just approved a Member by setting his Status to 'Active', the Member is now ready to log in.

1. Login Information The Member inserts their Email and Password that they registered with.

Login Button The Member clicks the 'Submit' button to log in.


What A Member Will See

After a Member has logged in to your Member's Page or Section, a yellow bar will appear at the top of your Website under your menu bar.
They now have access all of the Password Protected Pages on your Website.

1. The Member's Name shows up here.

2. The Member's Status is shown here.

3. The Member can log out by clicking 'Logout'.

4. The Member can see all the content on this Page now, and when they click 'Members Area' on the top Menu bar, they will see this same page. 

When they log out, the Member will see the Log In page again, and have to log in again.

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