Use Forms To Capture Visitor Information Or Send Leads To Companies

Information Forms These can be surveys , opt-in forms, contact forms or any form that collects information from your visitors. You can collect names and email addresses using opt-in forms that you can later send messages to using Income Activator's messaging system. All of the data collected from forms is saved in the Data Collection tab that can be viewed while editing the form.

Referral Forms
 These are used in Lead and Directory referrals as a revenue stream, sending referrals to companies that pay you for your visitor leads.
Email Notifications You also have the option of being notified by email every time a visitor completes your Form, as well as also sending the visitor an email who completes your form through our autoresponder.

Form Placement & Embedding Your Forms can be added to anywhere on any page of your website or another website and there's no limit to the number of forms you can create or the number of questions you can ask on a Form. Your answer boxes can also be customized accordingly. 

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