Making Use of Pictures

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Photo Album
At the bottom of this page is an example of a photo album.

How To Add A Picture 
See how to add a picture to your page.

Pictures should be part of your strategy to build traffic.

Search engines read 'Alternative Text' in pictures. When you are uploading the picture onto your website page, you will see an 'Alternative Text' box where you type in the description of the picture. 

This is where the search engines read what the picture is about and index it for online searches.
When adding the alternative text to describe your pictures make sure they are relevant to what the picture is about.

The best format for naming image files for the search engines is to use dashes - small-dog-with-ball.jpg. Google translates the dashes as spaces and would display the image when someone is searching for 'small dog with ball'. Use the Keyword Planner to find out what pictures people are searching for that relate to what your website is about. 
Creating a picture gallery is really easy with the tools you now have, so take advantage of it. There are many sites where you can access free pictures and we have given you links to some of the top sites. It is also easy to access your pictures as we have created a 'Picture Library' for you. Every picture you add to your site is automatically stored in your Picture Library for easy reference.
Watch the instructional videos to see the various ways you can incorporate pictures into your website.  

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