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Income Activator's online store allows you to sell products and services, information products (ie. ebooks), and affiliate products.

1. Products & Services  You can sell your own products and services. You have the option of charging taxes, calculating shipping costs from multiple couriers. Payments can be made by PayPal, Credit Card, Cheque, and Telephone.

2. Information Products  Your Income Activator program gives you ebook templates to create your own ebook and sell it through your store.

3. Affiliate Products  Income Activator introduces you to the top affiliate programs with the best commission rates where you can sign up for free and sell affiliate products through your online store.

Your online store also includes it's own affiliate program where you can have other websites sell your products or services.
Payment Options
You can offer payments through PayPal, credit card, or by checks. We support all credit card merchants.

You can also apply for a merchant account for your store to accept card card payments. To do so, click here.

Various Ways To Sell Products In Your Store

You can sell your own products like eBooks, affiliate products, or have people contact you for pricing.

Below is a sample store showing how 4 types of products are shown. To view this store online, click here.

1. Your Own Product This is a product where the visitor pays you directly.

2. Product On Sale  This is how a product looks when it's on sale.

3. Affiliate Product  This is how an affiliate product looks in your store.
Your affiliate partner pays you when a visitor from your website buys their product on their website.

4. Call For Pricing  This is how a product looks when you select 'Call For Pricing' as the status.

Store Example

This is an example of how a store category appears on a website page. Your store categories and products will always appear under your page content.

eBooks & Gadgets (Category Title)

CarCarma eBook
Get Paid By Telling People Where To Go eBook
Blue Snowball Microphone

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