You can create secured Member Sections,  for 'password protected' pages on your website.

Login: Visitors have to register and login with an Email & Password before they can access or view your 'password protected' website pages.

There Are 2 Types of Member Sections

1. Instant Access
You can choose to allow anyone who provides their name & email, immediate access into your password protected, or member's section.

2. Approval Access
You can choose to approve your visitors before you allow them access to your member's section.

Page Example: To see what a password protected page looks like, click here.
To login, use:, password: Test

Number of Member Sections Allowed: You can have an unlimited number of member sections.
You can also Password Protect any page you want.

Revenue Streams: You can create a revenue stream by charging your visitors a membership fee. To do this, go to your store section, and add your membership as a product. You can select the form of payment you wish, such as credit card, PayPal, or check.

Here's an example of memberships being sold on the store platform, click here.

Here's more about creating memberships, click here.

How To Begin

How to create member sections, manage your members, and set up approval levels.

Step 1

Choose the type of member's section you want.

1. Instant Access 
Allow visitors instant access to your member's section by having them enter in their 'name & email'.

2. Approval Access
Manually approve each visitor after they've entered in their 'name & email' before they can have access to your member's section.

You can create as many password protected pages, or member sections as you wish.
You can also charge various prices for each level of membership you create.

Step 2

Password Protecting Your Pages

You need to create page(s) and password protecting them. Once you do this, your visitors will not be able to see the content on those pages until they login. There is a Login form, and a link to register as a member. 

To see the login form, click here.
You can use the 'Register As A Member' link to login in as it is set for 'Instant Access'.

To see how to password protect pages
click here (You will also see how to allow access to your existing members).

Step 3

Member's Registration

You have two options for adding members.

1. Instant Access
Visitors register using the form on your website, and login immediately after registering.
To see how this works, click here.

2. Approved Access
You can manually register visitors when they enter in their name & email from your Registration Link on your Login page.
To view, click here.

To see how to add members, click here.

Step 4

Member's Login

Once a member has an approved login email and password, they can access your member area. 

Here's how your member's login looks, click here.

Step 5

Making Money From Memberships

You can sell different priced memberships.

You can also sell your memberships on your store, and accept payments by PayPal, check or credit cards.

To see how to sell a membership in your online store, click here.

To view memberships on the store, click here.

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