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Website Logo: Uploads your company logo.

Contact Information: Displays the website owner's contact information

Notification Emails: Set up which email addresses are sent email notification for Referrals, Affiliate and Store sales.

Affiliate Login: Allows the Affiliate Company to register to sell your product or service and check their sales volume.

Company Referrals Logins: Allows a Company to register for Referrals and to login and check their referrals and billings.

Google Analytics: This is where you add the Google Analytics' code to track the number of visitors coming to your website.
- To view the Income Activator Tutorial on Google Analytics, click here.

Google Webmaster: This is where you add the Google Webmaster Code to track any broken links on your website. 
- To view the Income Activator Tutorial on Google's Webmaster, click here.

Customize Your Website

Website Colors and Backgrounds: Here you can change the colors of your website and add a background image.

Website Templates To see which templates are available to use on your website, click here.


Administration Login: This is where your login information is kept, and where you can add additional people to access your website's Content Manager.

Site Map

Site Map: Here is where you can view all your website's page addresses.

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