Linking Text To A Page On Your Own Website

You can link text on your Pages to other Pages on your Website.
Plus, here's how to get you website links indexed by the search engines.

The below image shows how text looks when it has been Linked, it appears as blue and underlined. 
You shouldn't change the colour of your Links because people recognize Links as always being blue.

Selecting Text To Link

1. The first step is to highlight the Text you want to link with your mouse.
Tip: The text should always specify what you're linking to. Linking 'Buy Dog Collars' is better than 'To Buy Dog Collars, Click Here'.
2. Click the 'Insert Hyperlink' button as shown below.

Entering Website Address (URL)

1. This window will pop up, right click in the 'Url:' field at the top.
2. Click 'Paste' to Paste the Page Address you copied earlier.

Finishing Your Link

1. Click the 'Ok' button. Your text is now linked!


Saving Your Page

1. Click 'Save & Exit' to Save your Page. You're done!

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