Linking Text To Another Website

1. The first step to linking to another website is get the address of the website you are linking to. Use your mouse to select the Page Address at the top of your screen.
After selecting it, right click on it.

2. Click 'Copy'. The website address is now copied.

Select The Page To Add The Link To

1. Click on the Page Title of the Page you want to add the Link to.

Selecting Text To Link

1. Highlight the Text you want to link with your mouse.

Tip: The text should always specify what you're linking to. Linking 'about Dog Collars' is better than 'For more information, Click Here'.
2. Click the 'Insert Hyperlink' button shown below.

Entering The Website Address

1. This window will pop up, right click in the 'Url:' field at the top.

2. Click 'Paste' to paste the website address you copied earlier.

Finish Linking

1. When linking to another website, you should always open in the link in a new window. This ensures the visitor comes back to your website after visiting the 'link'.
From the 'Target' dropdown menu, click on 'New Window'
2. Click the 'OK' button.

Saving Your Page

1. Click 'Save & Exit' to Save your Page.
You're text is now linked to another website, and opens in a New Window when it is clicked.

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