Download / Find The Audio File On Your Computer

Before following the below guide, you should have an audio file (.mp3 or .wav) on your computer ready to upload. 

How To Upload The Audio File To Income Activator

1. Audio Click on "Audio" on the top menu.

2.  Reference Title Add a reference title so you can identify this audio file.

3.  Upload Click on the "Select" or "Upload" button and select the audio file form your computer.

4. Button Click on the button to upload your file. The next part will show you how to embed the audio file into your page. 

Getting The Embed Code For The Audio Player 

1. Embed Code The embed code will appear in this box, you'll need to copy it because you will be pasting it into your page's HTML in the next step.

2. Audio File Your audio file and code will appear here so you can find it in the future. 


Embedding The Audio Player Into Your Website Page

Click on "Pages" and create a new page, or edit an existing page.

1. Placeholder Add a number of X's where you want your audio player to go, so you can find it in the code.

2. HTML Click on "HTML" at the bottom of the editor. 

Finding The Code 

1. Search Use CTRL+F to open a search box. Type "XXXXXXX" into the search box so that it finds the X's you entered. 

Pasting The Code 

1. Paste Replace only the X's by pasting the code you copied earlier.

2. Save Click on the "Save" button to save your page. 


Testing The Audio Player 

1. Audio Player You will see the audio player in your editor, and on your page.

Make sure you test it to make sure it works!


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