Think of it . . . A business may pay $1,000 for an Ad which may not generate any calls or visitors to their website.
I know this because I've spent thousands of dollars on Ads that produced nothing.

In comparison, if someone said that they would give me a 'Lead' with the Person's Name, Email Address and what they were interested in buying, I would pay good money for that!

But companies are paying very good money for completely 'Unqualified Leads', meaning no consumer contact information. Just linking a visitor to their website.

Google is a prefect example of the marvel of how much companies will pay for Unqualified Leads.

All kinds of businesses are bidding on keywords consumer's enter into Google's Directory, in hopes Google will 'Link' these consumers to their website.
Companies will pay Google anywhere from a couple of cents, to hundreds of dollars 'Per Click'.

Linking consumers from Directory Searches, like Google --> from Keywords --> to Websites = The lowest form of Lead Generation for a business owner.

Eventually, many businesses realize the poor quality of Google's Links. These businesses would welcome better qualified leads.


Ask Yourself . . . How much more money would a company pay you to send them a 'Qualified Lead' to their website with a consumer's contact information and what they're looking for.

From these types of leads, companies can maintain contact with these consumers, and build a database.  
Paid Per Click - Google puts their advertising ads on your site and only gives you a small percentage. I suggest you go directly to that advertiser and tell them that you are removing Google Adsence from your site and giving better referrals at less cost. Limited lines headline 25 and 35 spaces for text. And you don't have to worry about paying for negative keywords for example if you sell jewellery and someone is looking for jewellery repair, and they click on your site. Ads on content sites will charge if only seen or clicked on.
CPM Cost per impression is whenever your ad is shown and usually it's between $3 to $4 per 1000 impressions or views. However this view could be seen by the same person.
Media Buying is very expensive: You don't have to worry about an 'out clause' to get you out of your contract of $5000 if your ad doesn't convert.

Instead of paying Google . . .say $50 for an Unqualified Link . . . why wouldn't a company pay YOU $50 or more, for sending them a lead with the consumer's information and be able to contact them. 
Plus it's advantageous for the referred company to know that they're getting a lead from consumers requesting the next step of assistance.
You don't have to be Google to demand huge money for leads.
You simply need to supply good leads to a business prepared to pay you for them.

You can do this simply by having a good content enriched website.
Google loves content based websites which will help your rise to the top of their search engines.

Although there are many other ways of getting traffic to your website for generating qualified leads, which will be addressed later.

To begin your research in creating a Profitable Lead Generation Business start by:
1) Finding out which industries are paying a lot of money to Google for a 'Paid Per Click' Lead, and
2) Which Companies Google is billing for these 'Unqualified Leads'.

Surprisingly, Google tells you this.
All you need to do is use Google's Keyword Planner service. It's Free and easy to do.

Google's Keyword Planner service allows you to find out how much money company's are paying Google for a customer to be linked to their website. 

Google operates a Lead Generating Service where company's bid on words that match what their company sells. 

When you enter one of these words, i.e., 'Mortgage' into Google's Search Bar, it will bring up Company Ads, in the top shaded area and to the right side of Google's page that have agreed to pay Google, their Bid amount when a visitor Clicks on their Ad.

To get priority placement with Google, companies will out bid each other on the CPC (Cost Per Click) to have visitors sent to their website.
These clicks can vary from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars.
You want to target industries that are paying a lot of money for these referrals. 

To do that you can use the Google Keyword Tool, but first you need to register for AdSense.  

Google AdWords Sign Up (Keyword Planner Access)

You can access the Keyword Planner when you register for Google AdWords.It's free and is easy to do.

Once you've signed up for Google AdWords, you can enter in search words you think some one would enter in to find your website.

If no one is searching for what you entered in, try another search term until you find one that people are searching for, and advertisers are competing for.
* To try the Google Keyword ToolClick Here.* To see how to use the Google Keyword ToolClick Here.

You will not be able to see what advertisers are paying 'Per Click' until you sign up with AdWords.

* To 'Sign Up' for Google AdWordsClick Here.* To see how to sign up for Google AdWordsClick Here.
You will need a Google Gmail email address before signing up. It's free. If you don't have oneClick Here To Get One.

* Here's how to 'Set Up' the Keyword Planner in Your AdWords Account to make sure you have access to all this informationClick Here.

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