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Here is where your artistic and creative genius can shine.

At no cost to you ,you can put your own designs, logo or message on products, and sell them as your own, at your own price.

The white label companies take the payments, ship the product, and send you a check.

You can use Income Activator's online store to sell these products, or simply link to them from any of your website pages.

White Label Companies

Cafepress is a white label company you can use to create your own products.

Here is an example of a website selling Cafepress t-shirts and mugs:

Here is an example of  a website selling a Cafepress soft cover book:

To find out more about how to use Cafepress to create your own product line, click here.

Sell Products That Sell! 

Don't sell product that don't sell.

To see the best selling products online go to Amazon and check out the 100 best selling products for each category. That's where the money is!

A product is ideal if it costs between $7 and $40, is light weight, easy to ship, and can be private labeled easily.

Here's a video of a couple of guys doing over 3 million a year by creating their own white label products and knowing how to pick the ones that sell.

It shows you the formula to finding products you can private label with your own brand to sell in your website's online store.  

Manufacturing Your Own Product

You can also  manufacturers a select a product to sell.

You can do a Google search for 'Product Name Wholesale' or 'Product Name Private Label'.

Make sure you do your research to make sure you're buying from the source, getting the lowest price, and getting a good quality product.

Can you believe this horse head that sells for $12 makes $2,500 a day. 

horse head product

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