Advantages of Creating Niche EBooks

You can create niche eBooks and make money selling them. A lot of people think they do not have any specialized knowledge to create an eBook. That is not necessary as each and every one of us is an expert at something. Almost any kind of information can be sold, as long as you sell it to the people who need it. Just do a search on Google and you will find hundreds of niche ideas and different ways to create eBooks.

I have outlined a few advantages of creating niche eBooks. This should motivate you to create at least one niche eBook.

Advantage #1: Selling your niche eBooks.

The fastest way to generate money is by selling your niche eBooks to people who are in need of your information. You can write an eBooks on almost anything under the sun. Let’s say, you recently purchased a Harley Davidson Bike or a Microwave Oven, chances are that you may have spent good number of hours doing market research, trying to understand the best place to buy your product for best price. Why not compile your research in the form of an eBook and sell it off on eBay for a profit. I have a separate hub that tells you where exactly to list your products on eBay.

You can also use the Google to advertise your eBooks. This would probably be the most effective way, if you know how to do it. It is really important to create a good sales letter before you start advertising your eBook.

Advantage #2: Selling ad spaces in your eBooks.

Just like you sell ad spaces on your website, you can sell ad spaces in your eBook. Once your eBooks become popular, it is easy to sell ad spaces; we need to make sure that the ads that are displayed on the eBook compliment the content in the eBook. There is nothing more annoying than reading irrelevant ads in the eBook.

Selling ad spaces can easily cover your budget for advertising your eBook. If you sell a popular eBook, you can make a nice profit just by selling ad spaces.

Advantage #3: eBooks can generate traffic.

Many experienced marketers use free eBooks to drive quality traffic to their website. If you have a website that sells a popular product or service and you are looking for quality traffic, just create a free eBook with helpful information relevant to your website and give it away free to your buyers.

Once your buyers get impressed by your eBook, they will come to your website and purchase the product or the service you offer. No other advertising method can beat this kind of high quality traffic. It is important to make sure that there are adequate numbers of links in your eBook that will direct your readers to your website.

Advantage #4: Use eBooks to create lists.

eBooks are one of the mechanisms used by internet marketers to capture e-mail addresses of unqualified potential customers. Once you capture their contact information, you can send them follow up e-mails directing them to your website where your main product or service is located. This will automatically generate sales for you.

I hope these advantages of creating an eBook will motivate you enough to get started.


To Make Money from Google Ads you need to:

   Focus your website on a specific keyword phrase, being searched for online,
      where advertisers are paying a lot for their ads to be clicked on.

   Begin your EBook format, click here.

   Create a lot of good content which focus on a specific keyword phrase for your website.

To begin follow the steps below.

Be Passionate


You can have a website about anything want.

To see how,
click here

Computer Set Up

Here are some tips to make your life easier when working on your computer:

 Set Your Goals

Make sure your Goal is to Make Money.

Don't go b
roke trying to promote a dream, click here.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is done to find the actual search terms people enter into the search engines.

When comparing this to what advertisers are prepared to pay for a keyword or phrase,
you can inject your website into the money that's flowing through the Internet.
To begin, click here

Domain Name - Choosing & Registering Your Website Name

Your Website Name is commonly referred to as a Domain Name.
Here's how to select your Website's Domain Names, click here.

Attaching Your Domain Name To Your Website

Your website is not visible to the public until we attach your website name to your Income Activator website.

Once you have your Domain Name(s) registered with either GoDaddy or someone else, click here.

You can also forward your Domain Name to your website when it's live, here's how.

Create Business Email Account

Google offers a free business email account that operates exactly like Gmail, but your email can include your website address.
It looks a great deal more professional.
To see how and where to register for a business email, click here.

 Website Set Up


  Make your website your home page, click here.

 Adding Google AdSense for Ads to be Displayed on Your Website


You can immediately create a revenue stream with Click Ads.

Google offers a free program, called AdSense, which allows you to display their advertiser's ads on your website.

When a visitor to your website clicks on a Google Ad, you are paid a percentage of what Google is paid by their advertiser.
To view how, click here


Add Google Analytics to Track Your Visitor Traffic

It is important to do so if you are getting visitors to your website.

Google Analytics is a free program that will track your visitor traffic and much more.
To see what if offers, click here.
How To add Google Analytics to your website, click here

Make Sure Your Website Pages Don't Have Errors

Google Webmaster is a tool that finds errors in your website pages
blocking search engines from displaying them to online searches.
To see more of what it offers, click here.

Privacy Policy

You need to respect, and inform your visitors of your Privacy Policy.

There are many ways of doing this. To view, click here.

Sales Path


Know your sale path to making money.

Whenever a visitor comes to your website, you need to have created a clear sales path they follow,
that earns you money.

To find out how to do this, click here.

 Niche Market


How to target your website into your niche market - Use keyword and stay loyal
About niche marketing, click here.

Google Places

You have the opportunity to list your business with Google for free, 
which displays your businees for online searches.
To find out more, click here.

Content - Creating Good Content 

How to make money through content. To see how, click here.
How to make money through pictures. To see how, click here.
How to make money through videos. To see how, click here.

Email Marketing


How to collect email addresses and build a client list, click here

Article Marketing


How to get people to your website through Article Marketing click here   


How to turn a survery into a press release. To see how, click here

Outsourcing Labor


When you need help, there's outsourcing services available.

To find out more, click here.


Don't get banned from Google.
To see how to avoid it, click here.

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