You can create your own Product Lines, and eBook by using a company called Cafe
It's free to register. They take individual orders, customizes the products you select with whatever creative you sent them, they bill for the sale, send out the product for you, take a percentage of the sale and send you a check.
Here a sample product line of T-Shirts, Hats and Mugs, click here.
Here's a sample of a Soft Cover Book, click here.
Below is their product range from T-Shirts, to Coats, to Mugs, Hats, Calendars and on.
Here's how to begin creating your own product line through Cafepress.
Please keep in mind that websites are always changing their look, so you may have to look around if the process is not exactly what you are seeing in the video.

1. Here's a video on how to create your CafePress Store, click here.

2. Here's a video on how create a design and add products, click here.

3. Here's a video on uploading an image and adding products, click here

4. Here's a Video on editing your products and adding mark ups, click here.
5. Here are screen shots of the process, click here.

CafePress Products

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