Here's What You Get

This video shows you your website's features and how to navigate through your marketing strategies.

Below are some free programs we recommend you sign up for as they will be useful to you as you create and grow your online business.
You do not have to sign up for anything at this point. As you go through the Marketing Strategies, it will take you through the sign ups.
1. Cross Loop - Allows for online support should you have any problems
2. Google Gmail - A Google email account
3. Google Business Email - Your email will include your Domain Name
4. Google AdWords - Use the Keyword Tool for online search results
5. Google AdSense - Placing Google Ads on your website
6. GoDaddy - Registering your Domain Name
7. YouTube - Signing up to put up videos on YouTube
8. Corel Video Studio - Creating and Editing Videos
9. Snagit - Take screenshots of your screen, edit images, add arrows, and more.
10. Dragon Naturally Speaking - Turns what you say into text for writing content quicker than typing.
11. Sliderocket - Create Professional Online Presentations

Income Activator cannot help you if you lose your Logins or Passwords to any of the Google or other recommended programs.
Please set up a place right now where you keep all your Passwords safe.

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