Income Activator Includes An SSL Only For Payment Pages * See Below

To Secure Your Entire Website You Need To Have Your Own SSL

cheap ssl certificates We recommend you buy an SSL to secure your entire website as many of the search engines, like Google, block access to your website if not secured.

The cost of an SSL is $20. There is also a $30 charge for our webmasters to attach it to your website.

That being said, you can purchase your own SSL and have your own webmaster attach it for you.  Please note, our webmasters do not attach SSLs purchased by you through your own SSL company. The reason for this is that the 'Login Security Measures' make it too difficult to access other SSL accounts.

For Income Activator To Attach Your SSL Please Complete This Form

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The SSL Costs $20, Plus, There Is A $30
Programmer Charge To Attach Your SSL

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SSL Only For Payment Pages

Your Income Activator website platform includes an SSL security certificate from GoDaddy that you can use on any of your forms where credit card or password information is asked for.

You simply go to any one of your pages in your content editor and click on the advanced settings tab and click on the box beside SSL,  and your page will be secured.

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