Slide Rocket

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SlideRocket can help you make great slide presentations that engage your audience.

Price: $24 USD / month

Program Features:

With a full set of professional design tools SlideRocket helps you create breathtaking presentations that will wow your audience. Combine themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash to tell your story without compromise.

SlideRocket goes way beyond its desktop counterparts and offers you the power of the Internet. Easily integrate content from free public web resources like Flickr or YouTube and utilize plug-ins from Yahoo! and Twitter to extend functionality and quickly add pre-formatted content to your slides.

Collaborate with your co-workers using SlideRocket's slide library. Easily share presentations, slides and assets across the organization to facilitate reuse and consistency while letting SlideRocket do the heavy lifting with automatic version management and content inheritance for always up to date slides.

An industry first, SlideRocket analytics lets you measure your presentation effectiveness by showing you who viewed and what they did as a result. Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing.

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Introduction To SlideRocket Video:

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