Here are a number of ways of getting more leads and build your email list.

Many of the things are Internet related, however, all of these can be used either for online or offline businesses. When you follow the principles behind these, you're going to find that you can use them with any type of business and in any type of situation, in order to grow your revenue and grow your number of prospects.

 1. News Events

Follow the news. When a news story comes out about your stuff, put up a website page about it. Make sure it's keyword enriched with the search terms people would be enetering in on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find out more about it. You won't know exactly what these search terms would be, so you'll have to put your self in the mind of the consumer.

In many cases, if it is a recent even just reported on TV, very few networks would have this information posted on their website as fast as you can do up a page on your Income Activator account. You have the potential of grabbing 1000's of new visitors this way.

By posting news worthy stories, you also train the search engine robots to review your website regularly. This gives you a great advantage over your competators.

You should set up a section on your Income Activator website saying: News, on your menu bar, then list all the news stories in the drop down menu.             

2. YouTube

YouTube is a great way to build your list and get more leads. Focus on doing YouTube videos and giving little nugget of information. Give one little nugget of interesting information or wisdom to your prospects every single day, and then give out a link where they can go and opt in to your email list.
You may want to give them a free report to get them to give you their name and e-mail address. You can also tell people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  
You can then get people to subscribed to both your YouTube channel and email list.  

 Video Responding

Video responses on a site like YouTube, and many of the other video sites that are out there, where you can go and actually do video response to other people's videos.
By doing video responses to other people's videos, you're able to just get traffic, as people watching a highly popular videos will watch your video responses and then go and check out your website.
Here's How You Make A Video Response On YouTube

To make a video response, click the All Comments box located underneath the video's information (the same place you would click to write a comment). A hyperlink on the right of the box called Create a video response will appear — click this link. You will be given two options for choosing your video response: Choose a Video
The Choose a Video option lets you respond with any video you've already posted. Each video in your account can only be used as a video response one time. You'll notice that your videos that have already been used as video responses have an asterisk (*) beside them.

Upload a Video Response
This option works like the normal upload process. Simply go to the upload page and upload the video as usual. Once this is complete, return to select your newly uploaded video as the video response.

 3. Social Networks

We all know there are lots of types of social networks out there. There's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more popping up every day; however, you can also create personal social networks.
You can also create social networks around your topic. The key to creating social networks is to create a social network that is based on a group that already likes to get together and hang out with each other. That's a much better way than trying to force a bunch of people to spend time together based on the topic that you think that they want to discuss, when they never actually get together to discuss it. is one of many social network sites where you can go and start a social network today about any topic you want. It could be about you, if you want. You could start a social network about monkeys or cheese. Ning is incredibly powerful. They have millions and millions of users. And it's just a great way to get people talking if they're passionate about something.
SocialGO is a competitor to Ning. It's also very, very good.

 4. Twitter / Facebook / MySpace

Twitter is a great way to build a following, when you can drive from Twitter back into your email list. So Twitter's a phenomenal way to build leads and build your list. Facebook, again – – is a social network. It's a great place to meet people who have similar interests. And it's a great place to connect with people who want to buy the types of products and services that you have to sell.

Again, in the case of Twitter, again in the case of Facebook, and in the case of all the social media – and, really, with any type of lead generation or list building – you want to focus all your attention on actually helping people. If you focus on helping people in your marketplace first, they'll be much more responsive when you ask them to give their name and email address in exchange for helping them.

So – Facebook . . . MySpace – same basic premise. Set up a profile on MySpace; connect it to people who are interested in the same stuff. And some people say, "MySpace is dying." But MySpace is still insanely large, so don't abandon the ship on MySpace. If it's dying, all that means is that there's less competition for you to go in and get traffic and leads from MySpace. So if you're not using, definitely go for it.


5. Blog Posting

So starting your own blog is one way of getting people to come o your website. Income Activator has it's own 'Comments Section' where you can set up your own forum. 
Blog posts are a great way to build your list. You write a blog post that has to do with your topic. Even have an opt-in box right there, with a free report. One way or the other, do a blog post a day, and you'll get leads every day.

6. Article Marketing

It's a lot like a blog post, except it's usually informational and about the topic that would attract your lead or someone that would be interested in being on your list. Writing articles and submitting them throughout the Web is a great way to make all that happen.
For more information on how article marketing can create leads, click here. 


7. Forums

Forums are really great because you can comment in forums that already exist or you can start up a forum on your own topic. And there are thousands of different ways to start up forums.
Many social networks now have forums as part of them. 


8. Joint Ventures

Joint ventures is something used all the time in the Internet marketing world, and something used very rarely in the lead generation world.
If you're an Internet marketing person, you probably already know about doing cross-promotions to your list of leads or list of subscribers. But if you're in the lead gen world and have a list of 10,000 people that you're e-mailing to, say, twice a month to build a relationship with them, you can promote someone else's product or service to your people and have that person promote your products or service to their people. Both of you would then generate a more sales.
It's an incredibly powerful and virtually free way for you to make that happen.


9. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)

PPC is another way to build your list. Google Pay Per Click, Bing, Excite, and even Facebook now has PPC advertising. Pay-per-click advertising is really powerful. It's a way of paying to get traffic to your squeeze page, to your opt in page, to get people to join your list. These are people coming to you wanting to be a lead. I want more information from you on X, Y, Z topic.


10. CPA and CPL

CPA is Cost Per Action. CPL is Cost per Lead.
They're different. Cost per Action is through a CPA network like Offeratti, for example, where you actually pay out a certain dollar amount for every sale that you're generating. It's an incredibly, incredibly powerful way to make things really work. Again, it's CPA – Cost per Action. You can do a search for "CPA network" "CPA advertising." 
If you know how much money you're going to make on the back end, when you make a front-end sale and you know the exact value per customer.
You can pay a little bit less than that in your CPA deal. So if someone's buying something from you for $19.95, you might have to pay $35.00 or $45.00 for that action, for that sale. But you know on the back end, you're going to make a lot more money. If you don't have a back end, CPA's not for you.
CPL is a Cost Per Lead. And Cost Per Lead is paid advertising. You pay when you generate a lead. And again, these are usually through CPA networks that you can do CPL advertising. So that's something to look into.
Check out and as it is a resourse you can use for thia type of lead generation.


11. Integration Marketing

Intergration Marketing is a tremendously powerful way to generate leads.
It's putting your offer on the back end of someone else's offer. For example, if you successfully make a sale, then you have someone else's offer for a similar product on the thank you page, after the purchased.

This can even happen over the phone. You successfully close a deal, and then you make an offer for a competitor's product, and get paid a commission based on thae sale. Your marketing partner gets a sale and you've made free money. Everybody's happy.


12. Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser takes your YouTube videos or your recorded videos that you can record from a webcam or a flip video and it helps to distribute them all across the Internet to a whole slew of different video sites.
It helps you distribute your videos and articles and press releases and all sorts of other stuff, all over the Internet, very quickly and with little or no work. So it's kind of like an aggregator.
So if you have a good message you're putting out there, record a video first, convert that video into an article, post that to a blog and distribute the article through a bunch of different article sites. It's an incredibly, incredibly powerful way to get your word out there. as a service you might want to look into. 


13. Press Releases

Most people are a little bit hesitant to actually use press releases when they're putting out an article. But the reality is, it works like crazy and helps give you tons of back links. Back links are when websites link your your website. Plus search engines rate you site higher in the search rankings if you have back links. 
I recommend putting out a press release a day from free online postings. There are a bunch of different options that are out there, and there are always more. But converting your article into a press release and putting it out there with a link back to your opt in page or your squeeze page is just an incredibly powerful way to make all this happen.
When you have a newsworthy press release to get out to the media make sure you use a News Wire serive that goes to the desk of newspaper, radio and TV editors.


14. Classified Ads

You can use something like Craig's List and other classified ads sites that are out there. Just type in "classified ads" or "Internet classified ads" and you'll find a slew of places that you can put classified ads online.

You can also use the classified ad section in newspapers.
The biggest thing is that people need help. If you can offer them help, they will come to you. So think about people who need your help, rather than leads. And if you focus on people who need your help, you're going to find that you're going to want to help people. And you're going to be in a much better situation if you do.


 15. eBay

EBay is actually a really great way to generate leads. You can sell something really inexpensive; free or a 99 cent special report, whether it's print or digital, on As well – You can create a white paper; you can create a short book. You can create an audio program. You can sell it on And, of course, an extension of is the Kindle – and sell eBooks on the Kindle. Very, very powerful.
For each of these kind of sales, you simply drive the traffic to your website for the purchase.


16. Posting Notes

Now, this one's a little funny. There was someone that posted a note on the cork boards at Starbucks. They went around and put posters up on cork boards in Starbucks in order to generate leads for their business.
So something to remember is that you can, with good copy that's appropriately placed, generate leads almost anywhere.


17. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of defining your website with a Main Keyword Phrase, and build out your website with Related Keyword Phrases so that the search engines link Google, Yahoo and Bing display your website for online searches. You can learn more about how to do this in your Keyword Research section.
Your Income Activartor website has a link to do a quick search for Keywords, entitled Keyword Reasearch, to ensure that the words that you're using to describe your website are being searched for online.
Each of our Income Activator pages also has an SEO section where you can describe to the search engines what this page is about.
The advantage you have over other websites is that they can't be as hands on with their SEO positioning as you are with being able to optimize your website pages as you create them. This will ultimately give you free online search traffic coming to your website.


18. RRS Feeds

RSS means “Really Simple Syndication.” RSS is another way of getting your content out there. You have an RRS feed buit into your Income Activator which shows up on your website's subpages. Your RSS feeder looks like this:
Your visitors that use RSS Feeders will then be sent updates to your pages as you do them.
This is get for your Store updates when adding new products or for your Article pages or your News Alerts.
RSS is a technology is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites.

In the ‘old days’ of the web to keep track of updates on a website you had to ‘bookmark’ websites in your browser and manually return to them on a regular basis to see what had been added.

The problems with bookmarking is:

1. You as the web surfer had to do all the work
2. It can get complicated when you are trying to track many websites at once
3. You miss information when you forget to check your bookmarks
4. You end up seeing the same information over and over again on sites that don’t update very often

RSS Changes Everything
Now visitors can have a website to let you know every time that they update.
RSS flips things around a little and is a technology that provides your visitors who subscribe with a method of getting relevant and up to date information sent to them for them to read in their own time. It saves them time and helps them to get the information they want quickly after it has been published on our website.
Many people describe it as a ‘news feed’ that they subscribe to. It’s like subscribing to a magazine that is delivered to them periodically but instead of it coming from a physical mail box each month when the magazine is published it is delivered to them through their ‘RSS Reader’ every time their favorite website does an update.
How people Use RSS
You get an RSS Reader. A good and free one to use is Google Reader.
It works a little like email. As people subscribe to the feeds, they will see the latest update to your website pages and can read it right away in the feed reader. They are also given the option to click through to your website or move onto the next unread item – marking the last one as ‘read’.
The best way to learn how to use Google Reader is to simply subscribe to some feeds and give it a go. 
You may wish to tell your list about RSS Feeders, how they work, by sending them this information, and have them subscribe to your website.


19. Podcasting

Here are 2 videos that talk about Podcasts.
The first video talks about what a Podcast is, and the second video tells you how to do a Podcast.
Imagine getting new “radio”-style talk and music shows to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player every day.
You wake up and automatically have new shows ready to listen to while you exercise or commute to work. This is the podcast listening experience.

Not only that, but anyone can create his or her own “radio” style show and broadcast it to the world in very little time and at very little cost.
All you need is a computer, a mic and the internet. It's like having your own radio show online.
If you enjoy talking about your business you can host call in Podcasts for people to listen to when they want to listen to them and they sign up to receive your Podcasts theough their RSS feeder.
You can also put your Podcasts on your Income Activator website in the same way uou would upload a video.
This is one way of becoming an authority speaker online andto get your website's messgae out there and to Attack visiotrs to your website. 
Podcasting uses RSS in order to get things out there – in particular, audio and video.
Plus, there are lots of podcast directories that you could submit to.
Traffic Geyser utilizes podcasting and RSS as two of the major tools that it uses to push things out there.


 Direct Mail

You've probably heard of it. Sending mail to generate leads.
You could do this all day long. It could be the one thing that you do, which can generate 1000's of leads for you a year, easily, if you decide you wanted to get good at direct mail.
The reason why direct mail is so affective in today's market place is that it's rarely used. The Internet has taken over. As a result, your direct mail piece is probably going to be opened as it's exciting to get something good in the mail these days.
Postcards are a form of direct mail. You can utilize postcards in order to generate leads, as well.
When you watch the video ROI means Return on Investment and B to B means Business to Business selling.


E-zine Advertising

An ezine is a newsletter that is delivered via email that you can subscribe or opt in to it.
Email delivery frequencies range from multiple times per day (almost never recommended) to daily to multiple times per week to weekly to bi-weekly, monthly, quarter or any periodic delivery schedule.
Some of the best ezines are delivered dailiy, weekly, bi-weekly or month. Any delivery frequency longer than monthly is not recommended.
An important component to an 'ezine' is the permission you give the ezine publisher. Double or confirm opt-in is the best method of subscription and this means that you not only requested to receive the email newsletter, but you confirmed your request to receive it by clicking on a confirmation link or replying to an email verification.
Any ezine that does not require confirmation or a subscription process is spam (unsolicited commercial email).
To advertise with e-zines, just type in "e-zine advertising" and you'll find lots of sites to advertis on.
Specifically, you can look for e-zines on your topic and advertise in them and direct people to your website, have them opt in, and then you can follow up with them.






Number 27

Okay. So the next thing is banner advertising. 

Number 28

You can use radio advertising; you can do things on the radio or radio on the Internet.

Number 29

You can do text messaging or SMS advertising on mobile phones.

Number 30

You can – I just mentioned offline radio; online radio is another great option.

Number 31

Facebook ads. You can build an entire multi-million-dollar business on Facebook ads alone.

Numbers 32 & 33 is a great way to get stuff out there. HubPages is a lot like Squidoo. Go check it out. You can put your content there and really start building a following.

Number 34

Giveaways: Do a big giveaway or join one. Get a bunch of people in the same marketplace together to give a whole bunch of stuff away. You generate leads on the front end; they generate the leads on the back end; everybody's happy.

Number 35

LinkedIn is a way of getting business contacts. Squidoo, many people are already familiar with. It's a great way of getting things rolling. These are courtesy of Pat, by the way, Pat Marcello. Absolutely brilliant.

Number 36

USA - or USFreeAds is a classified solution, so check that out – USFreeAds.

Number 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41

There's another very cool thing called MyBlogLog. It's like social blogging, a little bit. And BlogCatalog. Go check out BlogCatalog. There's a site called Technorati; it's the oldest blog directory out there. And it's incredibly, incredibly cool. There's another place where you can submit your content; articles and so on: Zemanta. Then, of course, there's Gather.

Number 42

And then you can also start a wiki. And one great way to start a wiki up is called PBworks. It's – wiki is kind of like social blogging.

Number 43

You of course can use business cards. It's an old-school method, but you can still use it.

Number 44

And then there's the SRDS, the Standard Rate and Data Service. Thank you, Mike Purvis. Check it out; it's a great way to buy – or to rent lists and then send out to those lists and then drive those lists back to your offer.

Number 45

You can do things like sponsoring bands or race cars or other publicly attended events with your business, in order to generate leads.

Number 46

You can use tell-a-friend forms online, where you have something cool that you give away, and then you have people tell a friend with a tell-a-friend form.

Number 47

You can use face-to-face contact, lo and behold – something like BNI, for example. Seminars are a great place to meet people and find leads. The Chamber of Commerce and, of course, public speaking gigs is a really, really cool way of doing this.

Number 48

You can use list builder sites, which are really lead generation sites, such as or

Number 49

You can use traffic exchanges, which are very, very similar – just type in "traffic exchanges" into Google, and you'll find a plethora of opportunities in order to get more leads.

Number 50

Number 51

Or you can do blog commenting, where you comment on other people's blogs.

Number 52

Seesmic is a social a video tool. It works very, very, very well.

Number 53

Or you can use Gmail ads, which is a form of paid advertising through Google, kind of like Google Pay-Per-Click.

Number 54

Google Buzz – you can make friends with people and talk about topics that you're all interested in and then drive people back to your opt-in form.

Number 55

Plaxo is a social network where you can make business friends.

Number 56

There's a bunch of cool stuff that we teach, but one of the things is called a golden rule auto-responder trade, where you take your e-mail auto-responder and you just pop in a couple messages at the end of your existing sequence, promoting somebody else's stuff, and they do the same thing for you. And lo and behold, you both get more leads. It works out great.

Number 57

You can do ad swaps, which are, like, one-time cross-promotions, with people who already have lists.

Number 58

You can do exit pops – exit pop-ups on other people's websites. Or you can do exit pop-ups on your websites and sell leads that you normally would lose.

Numbers 59 and 60

You can just put a pop-up on the front end of your website or a slide-up opt-in box, like you'll see on There's a really cool new thing going on right now called "single sign-on," or SSO. You can look into that.

Number 61

And then there's also straight-to-desktops software. So you can look into desktop software options.

Number 62

You can do a – what's called a "customer squeeze," after a purchase, where, when someone purchases something, they opt in – and bam, now they're a lead for something else.

Number 63 and 64

You can do a book launch. You can do an Amazon-style book launch. Check out Or you can do book inserts, where you can actually do something like that through, where they'll – they will insert your advertising into books that they're sending out.

Number 65

You can do bulky mail, which is mail that you send; it's like direct mail with a big honking thing in the – you know, like, imagine a tennis ball inside of a envelope that you got in the mail. Well, that would be bulky mail. It would definitely get opened.

Number 66 and 67

Viddler – Viddler is one of the many video sites that are out there. And it is a great way to get your video out there. Another one is Vimeo, V-I-M-E-O. Then, of course, you can do word-of-mouth marketing.

Number 68

Word-of-mouth marketing. And – incredibly, incredibly powerful.

Number 69

Now, Google TV ads is actually an option. You can do advertising on TV through Google. So check that out.

Number 70

You can also do a viral PDF, which is a – maybe an article or a how-to directory of some sort – viral PDF – that goes viral. And there are lots of ways to set it up. There's actually a product out there called "Viral PDF" that you can look at in order to get your PDF files spread all over the place.

Number 71

Then there's something called BitTorrent, where you can give stuff away on BitTorrent. And whether you have people opt in before they get access to your PDF file that you put on BitTorrent, or maybe you have people opt in afterward – but because you make something really cool. So that's an option.

Number 72

You can do forwarded e-mails. If you make a really, really great e-mail with a link to some of your stuff and then you forward it on and model after existing forwarded e-mails, it's a great way of doing it.

Number 73

You can build a perpetual marketing machine. A perpetual marketing machine – it's a great way of generating thousands of leads all at once. You can do a search with Google on that.

Number 74

ButterflyMarketing. ButterflyMarketing is a great site that you can use; it's by Mike Filsaime. And it's a kind of a viral tell-a-friend affiliate program kind of a thing. It's very cool.

Number 75

There's IRL ads – In Real Life ads: halls, walls, and toilet stalls. Okay? You can put physical print ads up wherever you want.

Number 76

There's Google Knol, which is an article directory. There's Live Journal. And these are Josh's – Josh Burns – some of these ideas. These are great.

Number 77

LiveJournal is a blogging option.

Numbers 78, 79, 80, and 81

Digg, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Buzz – and then there's something else called Reddit. It's very similar to Digg. There's . Check that out. Social bookmarking.

Number 82

Yahoo! Answers – very cool. We've been playing around with that lately.

Number 83 and 84

Google Video, which is another video option; Revver, which is another video option.

Number 85

Crowdfunding – totally cool. We don't have time to talk about it here. Crowdfunding is probably the newest and most amazing way of generating leads on the Internet.

Number 86

TubeMogul – TubeMogul – another video syndication service.

Numbers 87 and 88

ShareThis or AddThis is blog plug-ins for social networks. And that's another way you can do it.

Number 89

Guest writing for blogs – so you can write for other blogs. Very cool. If you have something good to say, then you're good to go. So you can also write tutorials, and then you can submit those tutorials all throughout the Internet.

Number 90

You can do bonus traffic. And bonus traffic is where you create a bonus that you – where you actually create a cool bonus that someone else includes in their product that drives people into a lead for you. Okay, so that's very cool.

Number 91

You can hold a contest.

Number 92

And you can also do something called – with Amazon Mechanical Turk. I know it's going to sound crazy, but you can pay people insanely small amounts of money to go do whatever you want, including opt in to your site.

Number 93

You can buy somebody else's website.

Number 94

You can use instructional articles. Instructional articles we talked about; instructional videos we talked about.

This instructional stuff – specifically, you can do teleseminars in order to generate leads; you can interview other people and put those out there in order to generate leads. If you interview famous people and people find the thing over on your website, then you're good to go.

Numbers 95, 96, and 97

You can submit your site to directory sites like DMOZ, Joe Ant, and Yahoo Directory.

Number 98

And you can do two-for-one friend invites. So it's a two-for-one kind of a deal, with a tell-a-friend.

Number 99

Do an involvement survery – where you can do a survery, like, on Number 100, 101, and 102

Add content to social content networks like Scribd, Wikihow, or 9Rules

Number 103

Expired domain traffic. Sites sell traffic on domains that have expired that already have some traffic.

Number 104

Give interviews to other people in your niche about your area of expertise.

Number 105

Put a logo on your car that drives to your squeeze page.

Number 106

Join a webring in your niche.

Number 107

Create a newsletter. Give people lots of good information via autoresponder. Have them sign up for your list to get it.

Number 108

Join your local chamber of commerce and educate business owners about online business. Have them send their customers to your site, when appropriate.

Number 109

Exchange blog links with other bloggers in your niche.

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