Click Bank Products & Tracking Sales  

Find A Click Bank Product

Registeration with Click Bank is free. Once registered, you'll have access to the Click Bank products.

To find their selection of products, click on the link at the top of their page entitled Marketplace. It's in very small type, and not easy to see.            
When you click on the Marketplace Link, it'll show you all the product categories to the left.

Click on the category you're interested in.

Tracking Product Sales

When you decide on a company's product that you're interested in promoting, you'll need to get the Click Bank's Tracking Link to track your sales.

Once you get the Tracking Link you can either link it to pictures or text with in your website.
Promotional Partner: If you have arranged for other companies to promote you're Click Bank Product you can give them a traking link that tracks sales too. To learn more about selling through promotional partners, click here.
Tracking Links
To get the Tracking Link go to the Click Bank's product description, and click on their Promote button.  

A box will pop up and you will see 2 kinds of Tracking Links.

The first one can be used for tracking links in emails, and the second one is used for tracking that links from your website.

If you are sending this link to a promotional partner, their webmaster will know how to embed the link into either their website or email.

Once you have the Tracking Link, you can simply link it to text on your page, or a picture, exactly like you would when linking to another website.
The video below shows you how to do that. 

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