CJ.com Affiliate Linking

When you get an affiliate link or banner, they will give you some code to insert into your webpage.

To find out how to get to this code on CJ.com, click here.

1. Copy the code in this box.

CJ.com Affiliate Linking

Now go back into Income Activator, and edit or create the page you want to show the ad on.

1. In the content editor, click on 'HTML' at the bottom.

CJ.com Affiliate Linking

This will show you the HTML code of your website page. This is where you insert the code from CJ.com that you just copied.

1. Paste the code in the box.

2. Click on 'Normal' at the bottom to return to your normal webpage view.

CJ.com Affiliate Linking

1. Your banner will show up in your content editor.

2. Click on 'Save & Exit' to save your page.

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