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Find A Product To Sell
All affiliates have tracking links that you embed into your website that track your affiliate sales. You can also have tracking links to track the sales of your promotional partners.
Here's an example how to create Click Bank trackings links.
Click Bank has 1,000's of products you can sell online immediately. You can register with Click Bank for Free.
1. Once registered, click on the link at the top of their page entitled Marketplace. It's in very small grey type, and not easy to see.            


Product Selection

When you click on the Marketplace Link it will show you all the product categories to the left.

Then click on the category section you're interested in to select a product or products to sell.


 Tracking Link

Once you find a product click on the Promote button to get the Tracking Link and embed into either the text or a picture on your website.

 Naming Your Link

1. Here is where you give a Nickname to your Tracking Link so you can identify it in your Click Bank Account.
2. When you click on the Promote button this screen will pop up.
You then make up a Nickname to identify your promotion. For multiple promotions your can create multiple links for the same product. You simply enter in a different Nickname for each of your promotions. To do this simply click on the Promotion button each time you want to create a new link.  
For example, you may want to track you're sales from different pages on your website. Let's say you wanted to put a link on your 'Front Page' and another link on your 'Contact Page.' You would then be able to tack the sales from each page if you had one Account Nickname called 'Front' and another called 'Contact.' 
In your Click Bank Account, you will see the sales generated from each link account.
You could also use different Nicknames for the same product to track sales from various Promotional Partners. You simply create a link under each 'Company Name' to track their sales. 

 Your Tracking Link & How To Embed It Inti Your Website

 1. Once you enter your Account Nickname, another box with your Tracking Link will appear.
You then copy the Tracking Link into your website page. If you have a promotional partner, send them the link you created under their name.
Now you need to embed the Tracking Link into your website.

How To Embed An Affiliate Tracking Link Into Your Website

This video shows you how you can embed a Click Bank Tracking Link into your website.
You can either copy the tracking link into text you've written, or pictures.

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