How To Have 2 Of Your Income Acitivator Contact Editors Open On The Same Computer

Thee are some cases where you'll need to open up your Income Activator twice to better work on different pages at the same time.
If you open it up in up 2 twice in Internet Explorer you will run the risk of pages copying over themselves.
To prevent that, you can open it up the 2nd Income Activator program ' In Private' on Internet Explorer. This will prevent cross overs from happening.

In Private Browsing

First you need to open Internet Explorer.

You can log in to your Income Activator account in this window, when you want to open a second window, follow the below instructions.

1. Click on 'Tools' on the top menu.

2. Click on 'InPrivate Browsing'. This will open up a 2nd window.

In Private Browsing

You'll notice this window says 'InPrivate' beside the website address.

You can now log in to another Income Activator account.

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