These are the marketing strategies included with the Income Activator program.

Growing Your Online Business

Your Income Activator Website Program provides you with the following Internet Marketing Strategies 

We also give you computer tips to make your online life easier.
We Show You:
1. How to Create a Business Email Account.  

2. Where to Get Free Business Cards.
3. How & Where to go to Outsource Work.

Be Passionate & Set Your Goals

One important strategy is how to combine your passion with making money.  

Be Passionate: We show you how you can have a website, and generate income with what you're passionate about.

Goal Setting: How to set your goals to make your target income. 

Keyword Research

We show you how to inject your website into the money that's already flowing
through the Internet through Keyword Research.

Keyword Research shows you how to:

Discover what people are searching for online.
2. Have the search engines display your website.
3. See which advertisers are paying the most for getting leads. 

Domain Name 

Choosing Your Domain Name: Your 'Website Name' is commonly referred to as a 'Domain Name.'

Did you know you can, and probably should have more than one Domain Name attached to your website.
We show you why, and how to get the right ones.
Income Activator also attaches your Domain Name to your website for you for free. 

Google Analytics Tracks Your Visitor Traffic

Google Analytics is a free program that tracks your visitor traffic.

It also has a variety of other measuring tools available to you.

Income Activator shows you how to easily add Google Analytics
to your website to view your visitor traffic.

Make Sure Your Website Pages Don't Have Errors

Google Webmaster is a free program that finds errors in your website pages.

Page errors block the Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing from displaying
your website pages for online searches.

Income Activator shows you how to easily add Google Webmaster to your website
so your pages will be displayed for online searches.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: You need to respect, and inform your visitors of your Privacy Policy.

Income Activator gives you the right type of Privacy Policy you should be displaying
for your visitors on your website.

 Sales Path

Sales Path: When a visitor comes to your website you need to have a clear sales path for them to follow.

It is the 'action' of a visitor to your website that will generate an online income for you.

Income Activator shows you how to set up a clear path to generate income from your visitor traffic.

Niche Marketing:
A key to profitablility is to focus on a niche in your marketplace.
Income Activator shows you how to target a niche market with Keyword Research.

Google Places

Google Places:
You have the opportunity to list your business on Google Places for free,
and have your business displayed for online searches.
Income Activator shows you how to add your business to Google Places.

Google Map:
Income Activator shows you how to add a Google Map to your website.

Creating Good Content 

Writing: Income Activator shows you how to write 'Keyword' enriched content so your website can be found through online searches.

Pictures: See how to earn revenue through pictures. Even with pictures you find online. |You will also see where to go for Royalty Free pictures

Videos: See how to earn revenue through videos. Even ones you find online. You will also see how to properly create your own YouTube account, and make your own videos. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing:
See how to collect email addresses and build a client list.

Selling From Your Email List:
See how to generate revenue form your own email list.

Promotional Partners:
See how to make money through promotional partnerships.

Getting Visitors To Your Website 

Visitor Traffic: Income Activator shows you over 50 ways getting visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): See how to get visitors to your website through SEO techniques.

Article Marketing: See how to get visitors to your website through Article Marketing.

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