How To Create A PayPal Buy Button

Important Use PayPal buy buttons to sell products through PayPal. Do not use PayPal buttons if you selling products through Income Activator's online store.

To begin, log into your PayPal account by going to

1. Click on 'Merchant Services'.

Creating PayPal Buy Buttons

1. Click on 'Buy Now button'

Creating PayPal Buy Buttons

This is the page where you set up the product you're selling.
1. Enter a product name.

2. Enter a price.

3. If you charge for shipping or taxes, enter them.

4. Click on 'Create Button' at the button.

Creating PayPal Buy Buttons

1. Click on the 'Email' tab.

Note: You can download the button image here if you want to it instead of text.

Creating PayPal Buy Buttons

1. This is the code you need to use to link text or buy buttons.

2. Right click, and click 'Copy' to copy the link.

To see how to link, click here.

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