Finding A Website Background Image

This page shows you how to find a full website background for your website.

How to add a website background or video, click here

WhoLetTheDogIn uses a background image

Adding A Website Background Image

1. Go to

Searching for your image as 'Your Topic' Wallpaper can find you some good images sometimes.
Make sure the images are NOT stock images or Water Marked images.

2. Search for the kind of background you're looking for, for this example we're using 'bright wallpaper' to find a bright background.
Other things you could search for could be 'blue wallpaper', 'flower wallpaper', '3d wallpaper'.

3. Click here to search.

Finding The Right Size Background Image

For a background image, we need a very large image, so we're going to filter them so only large ones are shown.

1. Search Tools Click on the 'Search tools' button.

2. Any Size Click on 'Any size'.

3. Larger than... Click on 'Larger than...'.

4. 4 MP Click on '4 MP'.

This will show you all images big enough to be a full website background.

Adding A Website Background Image

Make sure the image is bigger than 1920 x 1200. The size is outlined in red below.

1. Image Found Once you've found the image you want to use, click on it.

Adding A Website Background Image

1. Full-size Image Click on 'Full-size image'.

2. Image Size Ensure the dimensions here are larger than 1920 x 1200.

3. Image File Size  Make sure this is less than 2.0MB, if your size is in KB you're fine.

Adding A Website Background Image

1. Right click on the image, then click 'Save image as...'.

Note: When saving your file, put .jpg at the end of the file name to ensure its the right file type.

Now that your background image is saved, go back into your Income Activator account.

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