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You can make money by putting your referral forms that send leads to companies that pay you,  on other people's websites.  

You can then share your lead revenue with the website owner you're placing your referral forms on.

You can also create a Directory Website where people go to and choose which referral companies they can place on their website for lead revenue.

This way you can be a supplier of companies wanting leads to website owners wanting to make extra money from lead revenue.

When they find a company they want to send leads to,  they contact you, and you can set them up with a referral form where they will get paid per lead. 

Ultimately, you becomes a Directory Website where people can go to find companies wanting leads.

Your Directory Website

A Directory Website is where you display all the referral companies that are accepting leads.

You can then set up individual referral forms up on your client's website. While you can set these referral forms up on any website, it's easier to do it when your client has an Income Activator website.
Referral Rates

You can set up whatever referral rate you want to charge a referral company, and whatever referral rate you want to give your clients for these leads.  

For example, you may charge referral company $20 per lead, and pay your client $5 per lead, earning you $15 per lead.
Referral Companies

Your clients will be able to go to your Directory website and choose which companies they want to send leads to.

You can create a referral form for any one of these companies, for each client, and place that referral form on your client's website. This separates  out which clients are sending leads to which companies.

Referral Forms

When a visitor to your client's website completes the referral form, the referral company's website will still be embedded it in your client's site so, visually, nothing changes.  

Referral Emails

Your client will get an email telling them they just made a lead,  an email will be sent to your referral company telling them a lead was sent to them, and you have the option of having an email sent to you telling you that a lead was made from that specific website.

Login & Invoices

The referral companies can also login to your Directory Website to view their invoices and leads.

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