Creating A Rotating Pay Per Click Referral Program

If you haven't created a Pay Per Click Program before, click here.

Creating a Rotating Pay Per Click Program is very similar to a single company Pay Per Click Program, except there are multiple companies in the program and when a visitor clicks on your Pay Per Click Link, the websites they are sent to are rotating.
1. PPC Program Title  Enter in a name for your program. This is only seen by you.

2. Status  If you set the Status to 'Paused' visitors will be sent to your No Referral Found Landing Page.

3. Referral Rate  Enter the rate you're going to charge each company per click.

4. Program Description  Enter any notes or a description for your program. This is also only seen by you.
5. Link Keywords  Enter in 1-3 keywords that describe this Pay Per Click Program. You will instantly see your Pay Per Click Link below.
You can then copy this link into text or pictures on your website or any other website or blog and it will track the clicks and create an invoice

6. Pay Per Click Link  This is the tracking Pay Per Click Link that you need to copy into your text or pictures of your website or any other website or blog.
This will track the clicks and record it in your Revenue By Company or Revenue By Date sections.

IMPORTANT: You must copy the link exactly as it is shown or the clicks will not be tracked.

7. No Referral Found Page  If you do not have a Pay Per Click Referral Company to send your Visitor to, they will automatically be sent to a Default Page saying "Sorry we couldn't help you this time."

However, you have the option of redirecting them to another website or creating your own No Referral Found page that the visitor is sent to when they click the Pay Per Click Link.

Visitors that click and are re-directed to your No Referral Found Page will show up as clicks where you can see the amount of lost click revenue.

8. PPC Program Companies  All of your referral companies are listed below. To attach a company to this PPC referral program, check off the box.
Select the companies you want to add to this program, the Pay Per Click Link will rotate between these company's websites.

9. Click on 'Insert' to create your Pay Per Click program.

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