Pay Per Click Referrals Video & Screen Shots

To Begin Your Income Activator Pay Per Click Program, click here.
Here's a 6 minute video to show you how to create a Pay Per Click Referral program.
The screen shots below also show you the steps.

Company Registrations

To register a company, click on the top bar entitled Referrals, then from the dropdown menu select Referrla Companies. 

If a company registers using a form on your website, they will show up on this page, in a table to the right.
1.Your referral programs will show up here, to add this company to a program, check off the program title.

Enter the company information here, such as address and website.

Enter the Login Email and Login Password that this company will use to login to the referral section of your website.

Enter the contact information of your main contact at the company.
5. Enter the contact information of the person handling the referrals.
Note: The email you enter in this section will receive the notification emails for each referral sent. If you leave the email field blank, no email will be sent out.

Click the 'Insert' button and the company will be inserted
Note: If you checked off a program, you will be automatically sent to the next section, which allows you to set up your program.

Creating Your Pay Per Click Referral Program

Creating a 'Pay Per Click Program' is very straight forward.
You should have already done your Keyword Research to know what rate you are going to charge your advertisers.
1. PPC Program Title  Enter in a name for your program. This is only seen by you.

2. Status  If you set the Status to 'Paused' visitors will be sent to your No Referral Found Landing Page.

3. Referral Rate  Enter the rate you're going to charge each company per click.

4. Program Description  Enter any notes or a description for your program. This is also only seen by you.
5. Link Keywords  Enter in 1-3 keywords that describe this Pay Per Click Program. You will instantly see your Pay Per Click Link below.
You can then copy this link into text or pictures on your website or any other website or blog and it will track the clicks and create an invoice

6. Pay Per Click Link  This is the tracking Pay Per Click Link that you need to copy into your text or pictures of your website or any other website or blog.
This will track the clicks and record it in your Revenue By Company or Revenue By Date sections.
IMPORTANT: You must copy the link exactly as it is shown or the clicks will not be tracked.

7. No Referral Found Page  If you do not have a Pay Per Click Referral Company to send your Visitor to, they will automatically be sent to a Default Page saying "Sorry we couldn't help you this time."
However, you have the option of redirecting them to another website or creating your own No Referral Found page that the visitor is sent to when they click the Pay Per Click Link.
Visitors that click and are re-directed to your No Referral Found Page will show up as clicks where you can see the amount of lost click revenue.

8. PPC Program Companies  All of your referral companies are listed below. To attach a company to this PPC referral program, check off the box.
If you only select 1 company, you will be automatically directed to the settings for the company to specify which website page the link should go to.
If you select more than 1 company, what you need to do is click on the top bar entitled Referrals and from the dropdown menu select 'Referral Companies', then click on the company link to the right of the page.
The company description will appear to the left where you click on the tab 'Pay Per Click Program Settings'.

9. Click on 'Insert' to create your Pay Per Click program.

10. Your Pay Per Click Programs will show up in a table to the right, to edit a program click on it.

Generating A Pay-Per-Click Link

Now you're ready to generate the Pay-Per-Click link for a company.

The program settings at the top are optional, and until you understand and have a use for them you can leave them as is.

1. Pay Per Click Link  This is the tracking Pay Per Click Link that you need to copy into your text or pictures of your website or any other website or blog.
2. Administrator Status: You can pause this company, in this program by selected 'Paused'.
3. Referral Company Status: The company can also Pause themselves, when they do you'll see 'Paused' selected. You'll also see 'Company Paused' in red text in the list of companies to the right.
4. Program Rate: This is the rate you set up for this Program.
5. Custom Company Rate  (Optional) You can set a custom rate for this company that will override the 'Program Rate'.

6. Daily Cap  (Optional) Enter a daily click cap.When the cap limit is reached, this company will no longer receive any pay per click referrals.
It will reset itself again the next day at midnight.

7. Referral Company Website Address  Enter the company website address in this box.
Examples: or

8. Click on 'Update' to save your changes.

9. Your Referral Companies will show up here, to edit their company information or program settings, click on it.

Applying The Pay-Per-Click Linking To Text/Images

1. Click on the Page you want to add the Pay-Per-Click link to.

2. Highlight the text  (or image) that you want to link.
Click the 'Insert Hyperlink' button.

Applying The Pay-Per-Click Linking To Text/Images

1. Enter/paste the Pay-Per-Click link into this box.
IMPORTANT: A Pay-Per-Click link always starts with your Domain Name and followed by the Link Address.
Always double check that you're not linking to the referral company website, or the link will not be a referral link, and will not be tracked.

Select 'New Window'. This will open your referral company's website in a new window, so your visitor still remains on yours in the original window.

Click the 'Insert' button and your text will be linked!
Test your links by clicking on them, confirm that they go to the correct website or page that the Referral Company is asking for.

Check under this step for more information on Referral Revenue, Referral Payments, and more... 

Test Before You Launch

1. Review Pay-Per-Click clicks.
See how many PPC Referral clicks a company is getting and from where, and delete your test clicks.
2. See how much a company owes you.
Review how much each Referral Company owes you, and record payments received from them.

 Companies Can Register Online For Your Pay Per Click Program

You can add a PPC Registration Form for companies to sign up online for your Pay Per Click program.
To view a Registration form live, click here.
Below is an example of what a Pay Per Click (PPC) Registration form looks like.
1. Above the PPC Registration form is where you can add your own description of your PPC program, along with the PPC Rate.

The PPC Registration form will always appear under your page content.
The Registration fields are pre-made and ask the company that's registering all the information you'll need to set up them up on your PPC program.
3. The company will enter a 'Password' that they'll use to login to the Referral section of your website to view their click history and account balance.

The company will also enter in an 'Email Address' that they'll also use to login to the Referral section of your website.
To view a sample of a Login Page, click here.
When the company clicks the 'Submit' button, they will be taken to a Thank You page that says 'that you will be in contact with then within 2 business days and to connect you directly if they need to. To view the Thank You page, click here.
Their company profile will automatically be uploaded into your Referrals section, which you can view by clicking on Referral Companies, from the dropdown menu. 

How To Add A Registration Form On Your Website

Here's how to add a Pay Per Click Registration form onto a page on your website.
1. Click on which website page you want to add the PPC Registration form to. The form will be added under the Page Content of this Page.
The content of this page should entice companies to register. You should also put the Pay Per Click Rate on this page.
2. Click the 'Advanced Settings' tab.

3. Select 'Show A Per Per Click Registration Form.'
When you click the 'Save' button, the form will automatically be added to your page. 

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