Why You Should Get people To Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel

When a viewer to one of your videos subscribes to your YouTube Channel, they will notified by email Every time you upload a new video.

1. Visitors subscribe by clicking on the 'Subscribe' button above your video.

2. To get them to subscribe you should tell them to do it at the end of your video, give them reasons why they should, and mention how often you upload videos.

You can point to the button if you're recording yourself, or add annotations on your video, which are text boxes or speech bubbles over your videos with text. YouTube offers this for free.

How To Add Annotations To Your YouTube Video

It is important to use YouTube these days in your marketing, the issue is to get people to subscribe and also to be able to update videos easily when something might change, this is where YouTube Annotations come in. This will explain to you how to use YouTube Annotations to add a subscribe button to your videos, and also below discuss some other great uses for the YouTube Annotations.

Here are some ideas of what to put on your YouTube Annotations:
  • Add a message inside video
  • Add your website address
  • Add Phone number or contact details
  • Add a comment
  • Add a link so people can be sent some where else

Adding A Message Inside Your Video

If you want to get a message across to people you might talk about on the video you can also add the message there to rein force what you just said. It’s a great way to add reminders. You can make the message as long as you want, but I would be inclined to keep it short and sweet.

Add your Website address

If you look on YouTube you will find 1000′s of videos with no links no under the video and none even in the video itself. With the new layout of the YouTube you will need to keep this in mind and be more vigilant in making sure you have your web address or URL on the video itself.

Add Phone number or contact details

If you don’t have a website, or you want people to do something else like call you, or visit you at your place you can add in this as well. And as you will see in the video you can drag it out and make it show on the screen for as long as you need to.

Add a comment

Really same as above in the add a message. The good news is if something changes and you don’t want to change the video then you can go in and just add an annotation. It’s just brilliant.
Add a link so people can be sent some where else:

You can send people to either another video, your channel, subscribe page and a few other options in there, it’s excellent so if you have a series of videos on a topic then you can send people from one to the next one, that is sheer genius.

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