Attach Forms / Albums Tab

You can easily attach a form or album to the page you are working on.
1. To do that go to the page you want to attach the form or album on by clicking on the Page Title, then click on the white menu tap entitled Attach Forms / Albums.
2. Then select from the form or album section what you want to attach to this page from the dropdown menu. Then click on the Attach button.
3. You can view your page by clicking on the View link to the right of the page beside the Page Title.
4. There is also a table that shows you which forms and albums are attached to this page, their order, and if they are above or below your page content.
Delete You can also delete any forms or albums you don't want on this page.
Edit There is an edit link that will take you directly into either the your Edit A Form or Edit A Photo Album section where you can select which form or album you want to edit.
5. Click Save to save your changes.

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