How Your Affiliate Products Appears On A Page

Affiliate products look very similar to your regular store products, except the button says 'Buy Now' and when clicked, your visitor is sent to your affiliate to buy the product.

1. Category Title  Your 'Category Title' appears above all of the products inside the category.

2. Product Name  This is the name of your product, when clicked it goes to your product details page.

3. More Details Link  This goes to a page showing your product description, and a larger picture.
4. Buy Now Button when clicked, your visitor is sent to your affiliate to buy the product.


Adding An Affiliate Product

Affiliate Products  An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (you) drives traffic to a merchant's web site in exchange for referral commissions. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get a commission on every item they buy!

Products To Sell  Many companies also have what's called an Affiliate Program where you can sign up on their website to sell their products. For more information on selling affiliate products, click here.

Note: Affiliate products do not need shipping options, payment options, or taxes.

1. Product Name  Enter a product name here, this should describe your product in 3-7 words, make sure you use keywords from your keyword research in this product name.

2. Affiliate Product Link  Enter the page address or URL from your affiliate into this box. Make sure you enter the correct tracking link! When you fill this field in, visitors will not be able to add this product to their shopping cart, but instead the visitor will be sent to the affiliate's website to buy the product.
3. Price  Enter the price of the affiliate product.

4. Product Categories  Check off the product categories you want to display this product under.

5. Optimizing Your Product For The Search Engines: This is where you can optimize this product to be found by the search engines, for more information SEO, click here.

SEO Title  Enter an SEO Title for your product, this should use keywords from your keyword research.

Page Address  Enter the page address for the product, this will appear after your domain in the page address or URL.

Page Description Enter a page description for the product, should use keywords from your keyword research.

6. Product Image To upload your product image, click on 'Choose File', select your image from your computer.

Product Details  Enter the product description or details for your product. Make sure to describe your product thoroughly and give your visitors everything they would need to know about your product. Make sure again to use keywords from your keyword research.

8. Insert  Click on the 'Insert' button. This will post the product for sale in your online store.

Editing & Previewing Product

Your product will appear in the table to the right.

1. Click on the product name to edit your product.

2. Click on 'View' to view the product details page of your product.

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