Each step on how to use the templates is numbered in red.

Note  Before using a template on a page, make sure it's a new page as any content you currently have on the page won't work with a template.

Template Background  Click the link here to view and download the template background image.

2. Template Preview  This is what the template will look like.

3. HTML Code  Select all of the code in this box and copy it.

How To Use Website Templates

Either create a new page, or edit a page that you would like to use the template on. Make sure this page doesn't have any content, and if it does, back it up!

1. HTML In the Content Editor, click the 'HTML' button in the bottom left.

2. Paste the HTML code you copied into the window. Make sure before you paste that there is no other code in the content editor.

3. Normal  Click on the 'Normal' button in the bottom left to view how the template looks, and make changes to the images and content.

How To Use Website Templates

1. Make changes to the text and images. When editing text, make sure to start typing the middle of formatted text to keep the formatting.

2. Save  Click the 'Save & Exit' button to save your page. You can view your page by clicking on the 'View' link to the right of the page title.

Example Of A How A Website Template Might Look

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