How To Look For Advertisers Using Google's Keyword Tool

Here's how to see what advertisers are paying Google Per Click for online searchers to be sent to their website and who these advertisers are.
The US usually has much higher Search Volumes and Cost Per Click Rates. In comparison the US Cost Per Click is $135. whereas in Canada it's $33.27, as shown below. 
What this means is you should always provide referrals to both markets.
1. Enter in your search term. In this example I entered in Car Insurance Quote.

2. To pull up the fields you what to view, click on the Column's button and select Completion, Local Monthly Searches and Approximate CPC (Cost Per Click).

3. Click on the your Country selection then the minus sign to minimise the dropdown menu.

4. Click on the Keywords Idea tab.

5. To sort to the highest Pay Per Click amount click on the Approximate PPC title. The highest amount in this example is $33.27 for Canada. For the same keyword phrase in the US the Cost Per Click is at $135.69. To view, click here.
This means is you should always provide referrals to both markets.
6. To view which advertisers are paying approximately $33 per click to Google, click on the keyword phrase in blue type. A dropdown menu will appear, click on Google Search.

This will pop up the Google Search Results. Click on any ad at the top or to the right of this page and you'll be directed to the advertiser's website.

Advertisers are always looking for more leads. Your website can provide better quality leads to these advertisers.
How to find Cost Per Click Advertsier

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