6 Reasons Why Someone Would Unsubscribe from Your Email or E-Newsletter

Unsubscribe to emails and e-newslettersGiven the volume of e-mail we are all inundated with, the challenge is delivering an email or e-newsletter that recipients will see as a benefit rather than a nuisance.

Many people let email notification multiply until their inbox becomes unmanageable. At that point, they go through and unsubscribe from all the emails that aren’t earning their keep.
You need to ask yourself if your email or newsletter would be cut?
You may be guilty of one or more of the following marketing sins.
1.  It’s all about you – Emails that always ask for something, typically money or business, quickly wear out their welcome. An email or e-newsletter needs to provide information that’s compelling or useful if you want the person to stay subscribed.

2.  It comes too often – Didn’t you just send me one of these, like, yesterday? While it’s hard to determine the exact right frequency for distributing email updates, unless you are providing truly essential, timely information, it’s safe to say you should be measuring it in weeks, not days.

3.  There’s no reason to open it – If the headline tells nothing about the contents of the email or e-newsletter there's no incentive to open it, except to scroll to the bottom and click 'unsubscribe.'

4.  It lacks a consistent voice – Your email or e-newsletter should have a tone and look that's you which resonates with your target audience.

5.  It’s always a downer – We all get our daily dose of depressing news. If your email or e-newsletter is full of doom and gloom, your recipient doesn't want to hear about. It’s not that they don’t care, but if the situation is presented as too hopeless, they'll be less likely to get out their credit card and more likely get themselves off your email list.

6.  There’s no focus – All the information you provide should be related to your organization’s core business and, more importantly, to their interests. Don’t just send them a random smattering of generic 'helpful tips' —household finance hints, gardening advice and weight-loss techniques, etc. They already get that in their newspaper.

Make your emails short and provide something interesting that they would click to your website to read more! Ask yourself, if you got the email, would you send it to one of your friends to read? If not, don't send it.

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